Germans will walk out if Ahmadinejad speech involves Holocaust denial. Huzzah.

    (Via Hot Air Headlines) I have a problem with this. Germany will walk out of the U.N. General Assembly if Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust in a speech he will give Wednesday, and it wants other European Union countries to do the same, the foreign ministry said. My problem with this is that intolerance to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism should be so instinctive | Read More »

    This is just too rich

    Fantastic. The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association, Dr. Anne Doig, is quoted in this story as saying, “We all agree the system is imploding…” The out-going president of the association is completely off the reservation. He says “… competition should be welcomed, not feared.” In other words, Canada needs a private option. Dr. Doig neatly sums up: ” …  if it keeps on going without | Read More »

    If Canada’s System is So Great, Then Why…

    The left continually holds up the Canadian socialized healthcare system as the best example, one we should strive to emulate. But as each week passes we find more and more reason to doubt the panacea in the Great White North. Last week news came out that Canada forced an infant to flee its country and into our own to get life saving treatment. A baby | Read More »

    Meet Claude Castonguay

    As I have done several times, an instructive way to learn about what might happen if we are so foolish as to institute a national healthcare program like the one president Obama wants is to look to those unfortunate nations that have already trod that path. To understand what could happen here we need to hear from those leaders elsewhere that once thought they had | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — June 11, 2009

    Horror at Holocaust museum Gunman kills guard at memorial to WWII genocide victims — Gunshots pierce somber Holocaust memorial — Suspect spewed hatred, convicted in ’80s plot — Gun controllers say rampage aids their cause — Jewish groups say attack is a ‘wake-up call’ — Gunman’s victim recalled as a ‘gentle giant’ — Shooting was history ‘repeating itself’ | Read More »

    Great Right North

    Just when you though it wasn’t possible to be anymore pessimistic about the direction the Obama administration is pursuing on the economy and its attitude towards increased spending and using taxes as a punitive tool, the Washington Post has to come along and do an interactive feature on how Canada has balanced its budget every year since 1998 by cutting spending while reducing taxes. Washington | Read More »

    In case you had a shred of respect left for McCain…

    maybe this will cure you. Arizona Sen. John McCain made the dubious claim Friday that Sept. 11 hijackers entered the United States through Canada — just days after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona, said the same thing. Napolitano retracted her claim on Thursday after Canadian officials chided her for the remark, calling it an unfortunate misconception. Napolitano admitted Thursday that | Read More »

    Canadian Parents Fooled Into Raising Prostitutes

    Canada, oh Canada. What the heck happened to ya? I suppose it is nothing more mundane than that our northern neighbor has succumbed to the same sort of nihilism that western culture in general is slouching toward. Two recent stories in the Canadian press could not illustrate better the depths being plumbed by Canadian society–and by extension our own. The first purports to be parenting | Read More »

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    The trade war that the Democratic Congress is inviting

    Canadian unions are urging retaliation against a Buy America provision:Two of Canada’s largest unions are urging the federal government to adopt a Buy Canadian policy similar to the proposal that has been criticized in the United States.The Europeans and the Chinese haven’t kicked in yet. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are standing at the edge of a precipice, trying to decide whether to | Read More »

    Teachin’ ‘Em Right

    An honor guard of the Canadian Army was marching at a memorial service in Belgium. The video is of a little Belgian boy watching them go by, and he does something that the Canadians respond to in kind. It’s nice to see someone teaching this child properly. (Hat tip: Dave In Texas)

    Palin: Obama can learn from gas pipeline deal

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in an interview with Canadian television, said today that she is working to “grow the relationship” that Alaska has with Canada and called on president-elect Barack Obama to “see the light” and strengthen ties between the United States and its northern neighbor. The former Republican vice-presidential candidate was interviewed on the CTV program “Canada AM” and suggested that Obama should take | Read More »

    Leftist Canadian parties to bring government down over campaign finance laws

    In Canada, after a federal election, federal parties receive a grant from the federal government equivalent to $1.75 Canadian for every vote that the party received. The newly re-elected Conservative government tried to repeal that subsidy of political parties:The opposition said the update did not contain needed stimulus for an economy increasingly squeezed by the global downturn, but they were most angered by a planned | Read More »


    Our allies prepare for Obama’s damaging economic policies

    This morning’s WSJ notes an agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and French President (and rotating EU President) Nicolas Sarkozy to expand trade relations:Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France signed an agreement Friday to begin negotiations for a free trade pact between Canada and the European Union. A Canada-EU study released last week outlines the joint economic benefits of such | Read More »

    Canadian results

    Several things to note from the Canadian elections.The Conservatives picked up 19 seats, but only 1.1% of the vote and the lowest turnout in Canadian history. The most significant feature of this election was the collapse of the Liberal Party out west and in Ontario. (they actually beat many polls in Quebec) The socialist party, the New Democratic Party or NDP, cut into Liberal margins, | Read More »

    Canada’s Conservative Party wins re-election!

    What timing! McCain needs to take this to the bank!Canada’s Conservative Party wins re-electionThe opposition Liberals have typically been the party in power, forming the government for most of Canada’s 141 years. But the left-of-center vote was divided among four parties, giving an edge to the Conservatives.Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s campaign was hindered by his unpopular plan to tax all fossil fuels except gasoline and | Read More »