We Need Geraldo on the Case!

    Rush Limbaugh jokingly calls Geraldo Rivera the ‘Angel of Death’ due to his frequent proximity to the air waves when someone significant has died.  In this case, Geraldo should be on hand to report the death of journalistic standards in this country.  But Geraldo has another attribute that suggests he should be at the New York Times or Washington Post covering the Palin Email Scandal.  He was | Read More »

    Dems’ gangs massacred by St. Valentine’s Day

    Eighty years ago today, Al Capone’s South Side gang executed seven rival gang members in cold blood as part of its Chicago war with Bugs Moran’s rival North Side criminal enterprise. The names of the victims were: Gusenberg, P; Gusenberg, F; Kachellek; Heyer; Schwimmer; May and Weinshank. The 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre shocked the conscience of Prohibition Era America and proved to be the | Read More »

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