Car Dealers: Sharing the Pain Since January 2009

      Google map of closed Chrysler dealerships Treasury’s Troubled Asset Recovery Plan (TARP) Special Inspector General (SIG), Neil Barofsky,  reported Monday that “Treasury made a series of decisions that may have substantially contributed to the accelerated shuttering of thousands of small businesses and thereby potentially adding tens of thousands of workers to the already lengthy unemployment rolls — all based on a theory and without | Read More »

    Saving the American Dream

    Right now in Washington, D.C., we are seeing nothing short of the deconstruction of America’s free-market system. To be blunt, the strong arm tactics of the Obama Administration’s Auto Task Force are crushing the dreams of many American business owners – and simultaneously putting our future prosperity in jeopardy. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spoken with the GM and Chrysler car dealerships from | Read More »

    Senator Alexander’s car industry conference call.

    I participated in a conference call yesterday with Senator Alexander (R-TN) about his “Auto Stock for Every Taxpayer” bill; not to mention his “Car Czar” awards for government intervention in the car industry (his first one was to Barney Frank, for spreading intervention largess among his subjects). The general themse of the call was to discuss the problems inherent in making the government (in the | Read More »

    The Car Czar is taking the title too literally

    Steve Rattner, you will recall, is Barack Obama’s car czar — the man who has gone so far as to micromanage GM’s advertising campaigns and car inventories. Rattner is also the guy who, in the name of global warming and environmentalism, is pushing GM and Chrysler to build smaller cars that use less fuel and kill more people in collisions. You would think that Rattner, | Read More »

    Calling All Car Czars!

    Breitbart notes that Obama has yet to name his “car czar” and that isn’t helping the situation in dealing with all the crazies in the Motor City. I don’t get it. Based on his cabinet nominations, the main requirements would be: Must be a liberal Democrat Must have spent most of life as a Washington insider Must have written a book that has something to | Read More »

    On Bailouts And Car Czars

    Count me in the “against” camp. Of course, it seems that a deal is in the works so neither my words nor the words of other bailout skeptics will count for very much at the end.On a somewhat related point, how is the TARP program working out? Is that increasing anyone’s confidence in government’s ability to manage businesses?