The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever

    Tomorrow, Pittsburgh is going to be home to thousands of political activists from both sides of the aisle. (Although if you watch cable news you would think it was only the left.) Netroots Nation and RightOnline are both in town for their annual events. And although there will probably be little if any crossover traffic, there is certain to be crossover content. Take, for example, | Read More »

    The Real Mob

    “Rather than doing what they were elected to do — safeguarding wages and benefits for union members — they took cash and other bribes to turn a blind eye on contractors’ schemes to cheat the rank and file” As Swamp Yankee noted earlier today, the AFL-CIO is going all-in on the healthcare debate. Their plan, in their own words, is to “organize major union participation | Read More »


    Last week, the New York Times reported that the inaptly named “Employee Free Choice Act” was losing the most controversial and highest-profile provision: card check. Card check legislation, contrary to the title of the act, would take away fair choice for employees by doing away with the secret ballot, opening workers to intimidation from both the unions and the employers. As has been belabored at | Read More »

    Small Victory, Card Check Slashed from Bill

    We can at last mark one small victory against the Orwellian named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The card check feature of the bill has been successfully cut out of the bill in the Senate. The card check feature would have allowed unions to eliminate the ages old democratic practice of allowing prospective union employees the benefit of a secret ballot to vote “yes” or | Read More »

    NYT: Labor Gives Up On ‘Card Check’

    According to the New York Times, labor leaders are turning to the ‘Plan B’ that has been speculated on for months. Faced with the prospect of trying to get swing-state Democrat Senators to vote for a radioactive bill, they have thrown in the towel on the best-known part of ‘Card Check’ – the part that gives the bill its name: A half-dozen senators friendly to | Read More »

    Colorado Looks to Neuter Card Check

    Many States, both red and blue, are increasingly looking for ways to avoid federal mandates that continue to flow in from Washington. Some citizens of Colorado are seeking to preempt the possibility of the Card Check legislation now working its way through Congress. Face The State reports that Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs political consultant and former congressional candidate Jeff Crank have founded the Colorado | Read More »

    SEIU Won’t Allow Card Check for Union Organizing

    The SEIU is one of the most powerful forces pushing for enactment of Card Check. But if a rival union promises better representation for SEIU workers and tries to get a majority of them to sign cards, the SEIU turns to thug tactics and fights them tooth and nail: One of the leading proponents of a bill that would allow workers to form a union | Read More »

    Card Check Thugs Already “On The Waterfront”

    So, the whole labor movement is now starting to line up with guns at the back of labor’s biggest and most public, self promoting thug: Andy Stern. And this is what Obama wants to turn over the fates of American workers to, without even a secret ballot. The Sopranos.

    Read More »

    Help stop the madness….. Keep calling, send e-mails, fax ’em all !!!

    The media is still wall-to-wall Michael Jackson. A huge portion of the American citizenry are glued to the coverage, wanting more. These are the same people who don’t care about anything other than their own self-gratification, American Idol, Hollywood gossip and the latest movie/DVD release….. You know the type. Democrats and The Left are confident that they can blast gaping holes in our Constitution and | Read More »

    In New York, They Call this Chutzpah

    How’s this for shameless. The unions who support eliminating the secret ballot are trying to promote their cause by linking their effort to Iranian protesters angry at having their secret ballot stolen. Or maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Perhaps Card Check’s supporters have turned over a new leaf – impressed and moved by the videos from Iran of thousands of protesters insisting on the sanctity | Read More »

    Harkin: Card Check Possible Next Month

    According to Senator Tom Harkin (D-Labor), the Senate may vote next month on a Card Check compromise: Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) indicated Wednesday that he will be ready to bring up the long-stalled Employee Free Choice Act next month, following weeks of negotiations with key stakeholders. “We’re in meetings right now. I’m still hopeful that we can get something done,” Harkin said. The Iowa Democrat | Read More »

    Breaking: Senator Feinstein withdraws support for Card Check?

    This is the claim, at least: A delegation from the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce, joined by similar groups from around the country, is in Washington to have meetings to express their opposition to the bill. At around 12:00 eastern time this afternoon, the group met with Senator Diane Feinstein. Feinstein, a major proponent of the Employee Free Choice Act, broke national news when | Read More »

    Harkin: Arlen Nearly Back on Board on Card Check

    It seems there aren’t really any convictions Arlen Specter won’t sell in order to help him win reelection. According to his new colleague Tom Harkin, Specter realizes that he’s toast in a Democratic primary if he doesn’t kiss labor’s ring that he was wrong about Card Check: A spokesperson for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), the lead sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, confirmed today | Read More »

    Specter’s Switch Breathes New Life into Card Check

    Yesterday Arlen Specter said that despite his switch to the Democratic party, he would not be changing his position on Card Check. It doesn’t seem as if Card Check backers are taking him seriously though. Despite his comments yesterday – which were widely portrayed as a strong statement against the bill – they’re pushing harder than ever: But [Specter] left himself some wiggle room when | Read More »

    Card Check: Seeing Unicorns and Rainbows in Hades

    The New York Times is attempting to spin gold from straw, telling us unicorns are real, expecting the Tooth Fairy to bring a windfall. At least, that is what it seems if we are to believe the Times’ fantasy card check union story from April 20. You see, the Times believes that an overwhelming anti-union vote held via secret ballot is proof that card check | Read More »