Maybe a Catastrophe is What We Need

    That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger — Friedrich Nietzsche Americans, who—for the last 30 years—were preoccupied with avarice and gluttony and unconcerned with the virtues of thrift and saving for a rainy day, are currently enduring a crisis of confidence. While blame for our collective economic misfortune has been cast around, both the previous and current administrations are culpable since their | Read More »

    My Pledge To President – Elect Barack Hussein Obama and The American Left

    I pledge to give our new President and his supporters the exact same respect and support that has been afforded President George Bush and Republicans. Starting today.Speaking of Republicans, abandoning conservative principles, the base and fellow elected Republicans has been such a great electoral strategy I believe we should work on perfecting it before the next election cycle. I would mention this to the leadership | Read More »