Is Trumpmania Different Than Obamamania?

    Is Trumpmania Different Than Obamamania?

    It’s apparent that one of the biggest aspects – if not the biggest – of this election cycle is the quick, unexpected rise of Donald Trump, his continued popularity, and the extreme enthusiasm that his followers possess. But is the fandom surrounding Donald Trump so different than that of Barack Obama? I don’t believe so. In fact, the similarities are striking, and should be problematic | Read More »

    Obama: The Celebrity President

    With his most recent appearance on The Tonight Show and his upcoming appearance on MTV, Obama has cemented his title as The Celebrity President.   Just to recap, Obama has appeared on the following TV shows, either as a candidate or more than likely as President: The Tonight Show – 5 times Late Night with David Letterman – 7 times Late Night with Jimmy Fallon | Read More »

    Changing Our Conservative Vocabulary

    Something has been bothering me for some time about the vocabulary conservatives and libertarians have been using to describe liberal economy policy. We hear it on radio from Boortz and Hannity and television from O’Reilly; we read it on blogs by Thomas Sowell and in newspaper columns by George F Will.

    The term I refer to is “wealth redistribution,” called for throughout history by Marx, Lenin, Castro and Chavez. Liberals in America don’t use the term, knowing that it will bother conservatives and many moderates. Unfortunately, it is unconvincing to many, especially liberals, that such a beast as wealth distribution would be a bad thing.

    After all, “wealth redistribution” is just taking money from the evil, awful “rich” and giving it to those poor, needy “less fortunate.”

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    Too Many Promises

    Who does Senator Obama think he is? Apologizing for America in Germany should have been political suicide for th young senator. The transfer of the last night of the convention to a bigger facility for his inflated opinion of himself was one thing. The lights and the fireworks and the dramatic music for his acceptance speech was another. But the shopping list of promises he | Read More »

    Hey, man, I’m joining a religious cult… so you’ve gotta sign up too.

    Trying to meet those pesky fundraising goals, Obama’s campaign boss David Plouffe (rhymes with “stuff”) is telling the flock of Obama-bots to open their wallets because John McCain says that they are naught but mindless Obama fans. “While supporters like you are out knocking on doors, registering new voters, and organizing in your local communities, our opponents are not even trying to match your efforts. | Read More »

    Obama must fight the “petty misrepresentations” alone

    If Obama wants the world country to know that he is not a policy ditz, he will have to show us something of substance. The best way for him to do this, would be for him to agree to a few town hall debates. Remember this truism: “Blogs Cannot act in a vacuum, but Obama can.” I don’t regularly read John Aravosis, but I do | Read More »

    The ditzy, celebrity candidate.

    It has been established that Barack Obama is a celebrity without portfolio, to combine lines from Lindsey Graham and former Democrat Joe Lieberman. The latest Gallup tracking poll, the one which recently had Obama up by nine points, “has moved back into a statistical tie,” with Obama up by only one: 45% – 44%. The latest three-day average confirms that Obama was unable to solidify | Read More »

    Another zero-quality bit from Jake Tapper

    It’s not been a good few days for our buddy, ABC News’ Jake Tapper. Yesterday, he was chanting the non-sequitur mantra of Obama’s peeps, asserting that because there was no solid proof that Obama wanted a photo op at Germany’s Landstuhl military hospital, Axelrod was above that sort of thing and Obama was on the right side of the matter and McCain was wrong to | Read More »