Why ‘permanent majorities’ are a myth, Reason #517B.

    (Via Instapundit) I regret having to correct Jennifer Rubin – she is scary-smart when it comes to this stuff-  on anything, but I must, here: It’s a well-known pattern for many Democrats, Harry Reid included, from Red or Purple states: talk a conservative game back home, make speeches on fiscal sobriety, and roll over for liberal leadership when it comes to actual votes. Usually they | Read More »

    Bush: socialist or right wing extremist?

    Is President Bush a right wing extremist, as Al Gore charged, or is he the socialist Bristol baby conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan implied and conspiracy theorist at large Lew Rockwell insists? The answer is neither, of course. But the president has surely taken a beating from both sides of political center over his two terms in the White House. Ed Gillespie explodes some of the | Read More »

    Let’s party in the center with Senator Anonymous!

    Unnamed Senator talks to Roger Simon of Politico.com: “I don’t think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see,” he says. “We have the same gridlock.” By the “same gridlock,” he means that party hard-liners, both Democrats and Republicans, will remain in control of the machinery of Congress. And that means more of the same. It means more | Read More »

    Center? What Center

    I’ll take this opportunity to bump my own RedHot off the front page. But in staying with the same spirit of that earlier article – this one again addresses the issue of the supposed need of the GOP to move to the middle. But why? IS there a middle? James Gimpel seems to think not. He doesn’t mince any words: The research suggests that those | Read More »