Today’s Headlines — Dec. 3, 2008 hijacks GOP language on key issues launch bailout blitz for Big Three CEOs to seek billions more from Congress fault oversight of bank bailout funds sense end of era low mortgage rates out of reach Many owners not qualified Clinton can’t serve as Sec. of State Group cites ineligibility clause exiles fear Kazakh leader’s wrath warns of risk of an attack by 2013 marches | Read More »

    The U.S. Treasury Department

    Should the legislators decide there should be a bail out here are a few things that should be done.Have the Secret service Get warrants to arrest the Ceo’s that got us into this mess.Secure Federal Warrants to search seize the buildings that housed the firms involved!Secure Federal Warrants to seize the books and files of the troubled companies. This way nothing could be shreaded should | Read More »