​The Colonialism enigma.

    America was discovered and initially populated by colonialists.  It’s constitution was written by colonialists.  In almost all the cases I can recall around the world colonialists were white, Christian,  Western Europeans.  America’s rise to the heights it has risen to are a direct result of white, Christian, Western European Colonialism. That is not to say that the melding which occurred over the years of different | Read More »

    Time again to make everyone think I’m insane.

    A while back, I was really on a razor’s edge and made a promise to myself to never get that way again. I’m at peace with everything and getting back into doing live sound – buying a fairly nice PA system to do so under my own company’s banner. Haven’t put up a diary in some time and yesterday, this all came together for me. | Read More »

    The Winds of Change

    “The winds of change blow round and round, It makes a mighty rumbling sound.” Those changes came swiftly and most rumblingly to Van Jones, special advisor for green jobs at the white house, after people learned of his past in his own words. Truly, his resignation was self-inflicted by his passion for spouting his ideology hither and yon, across the media landscape.

    President Obama was right. I was wrong.

    This is going to be shorter than usual. You know, it is true that I am right most of the time, but there are times when I just blow it. And as an honest man, I will admit it, apologize (if it’s warranted), and strive to do better in the future. It’s called having integrity and admitting your faults. I’ve run successful companies like this, | Read More »

    Temporary Disengagement

    The Ntrepid family just completed a week long vacation to the state of my birth.  It was eight mostly blissful days away from the habitual over consumption of news that mires my routine everyday life.  Nothing but kids music and videos for endless hours in the car…a near perfect media blackout.   A few items did stick with me along the way…   (1) During | Read More »

    Silent Change

    Today, I noticed a change. Let me be straight, I don’t like change, even when it comes in the form of slow-motion to be hardly noticed. In fact, it is the slow-motion as to be hardly noticed until it is too late change I hate the most! For about a year, the fellow who sold our two vehicles to us has been calling us daily | Read More »

    Entanglement-the Apparatus of the Left

    We must dismantle the apparatus of the Left.  At once.  This is the fight of our times. You must know how things take on a terrible life on their own once government takes a hand in them.  Anything with ‘universal’ in the title will lead to shortages, rationing, favoritism, fraud and waste.  These are the ills seen in any place where libs hold sway.  Just | Read More »

    2 ½ Years to Live

     Cross -Posted at The Minority Report In 2½ years I am going to die.  I know, it shocked me too.  I had a cancer earlier in my life and with the work of some really fine doctors it went into remission during the 80’s.  The cancer is a very rare form of cancer, one of the first cases was in France in 1715 and the Doctor who treated it | Read More »

    An Easter Message Of True Hope And Change

    This year has brought a great deal of change to our Nation. A new President is in office whose platform promised, “hope and change.” To some that promise has been welcomed, to many like myself, that promise has brought frustration and aggravation as the change is taking our Nation down a path I believe is contrary to the Constitution and the principles on which our | Read More »

    I came across Obama’s playbook. Here is a peek.

    I don’t read Time, but somehow my neighbor signed up for it and put down my address.   While passing time on the porcelain reading chair I was flipping through and came across a disturbing article on Obama’s playbook. An article in Time called “How Obama is Using the Science of Change”,  reveals part of Obama’s playbook and much about the makeup and motivation of his | Read More »

    As Transparent as a Cinder Block

    President Obama spent his two years on the campaign trail (and the last two months, still on the campaign trail) talking about many ideas to bring “Change” around. One of his biggest pet ideas is to bring about transparency throughout the government. You can read about just one instance as such here. Throughout all of this talk of transparency, one place where I am extremely puzzled | Read More »

    Hope, Change, and Fair

    This is just an opinion blog.  I leave the hard hitting things to the masters.    Long before Obama came on the scene, I have hated those words.  Those sentiments.  They are very often misused or used entirely too much.    Hope-  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Makes you feel all those touchy feely emotions?  Bah humbug!  Hope is a cruel mistress.  You put time, energy, | Read More »

    Politics as Usual…

    I’ve been talking about it for a while on here, and now I’m reading others writing about it on the internet. Obama rolled through the campaign season talking about the change he was going to bring to Washington. I wrote about that in an earlier blog post, and then again in a second. I never believed for a second that he was going to ride in on | Read More »

    Obama throws transparency under the bus

    With the so-called “stimulus” bill, President Obama has thrown the change he promised under the bus. On his Change.gov website, Obama promised to “end the practice of writing legislation behind closed doors” – to “restore the American people’s trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and | Read More »

    Fighting Terrorism; Twice. Obama’s Coming War on Competence

    As Mr. Obama appears to be moving away from his promise to close Guantanamo Bay, evidence regarding one potential aspect of his hesitation is emerging. However, to many Americans that have intellectually and factually explored the controversy surrounding Guantanamo Bay, his decision is not perceived as a revelation. Rather it is a forgone, logical conclusion reached by central decision makers, including President Bush, a long | Read More »