Politics as Usual…

    I’ve been talking about it for a while on here, and now I’m reading others writing about it on the internet. Obama rolled through the campaign season talking about the change he was going to bring to Washington. I wrote about that in an earlier blog post, and then again in a second. I never believed for a second that he was going to ride in on | Read More »

    Obama throws transparency under the bus

    With the so-called “stimulus” bill, President Obama has thrown the change he promised under the bus. On his Change.gov website, Obama promised to “end the practice of writing legislation behind closed doors” – to “restore the American people’s trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and | Read More »

    Fighting Terrorism; Twice. Obama’s Coming War on Competence

    As Mr. Obama appears to be moving away from his promise to close Guantanamo Bay, evidence regarding one potential aspect of his hesitation is emerging. However, to many Americans that have intellectually and factually explored the controversy surrounding Guantanamo Bay, his decision is not perceived as a revelation. Rather it is a forgone, logical conclusion reached by central decision makers, including President Bush, a long | Read More »

    Observable Change

    I think that one of the changes that we can expect from the Obama administration is a change from the decisive action that we observed during the Bush administration. George W. Bush was decisive and resolute in his actions. He saw moral issues and took action on what he saw as right.  W was resoundingly criticized by domestic and international pundits that did not approve | Read More »

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    Another post-mortem and Obama’s first look at the national diaper

    Republicans are now evidently in their second month of moping, gnashing, and wringing about what went wrong with their Presidential ticket in November. Why – tell me! – WHY did McCain-Palin lose that race to Obama-Biden? McCain pollster Bill McInturff tells us. Well, he tells USA Today’s Paul Bedard, who, in turns, tells us: Topping McInturff’s list: Obama was the first black presidential nominee and | Read More »

    Slouching Towards Change…and the American Politburo Being Assembled to Make Sure We Get There

    Here we sit on the verge of the promised (yet still undefined) change that we blindly selected for the next phase of the American experience and the Dictators of Culture in Hollywood have decided that this is as good a time as any to once again dig up old Republican transgressions in the form of a thirty year old interview in order to feel like | Read More »


    Is the Chicago way the change we need?

    Thursday morning at a Chicago news conference, president-elect Obama expressed his confidence that no Representative of his did any bargaining with Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois to fill Obama’s U.S. Senate seat. He also promised to provide a list of contacts between members of his transition team and the office of the disgraced governor: “I’ve asked my team to gather the facts of any | Read More »

    Change(s) We Can’t Keep Up With

      “I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment,” Obama said at a news conference. “Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear. I said that throughout the campaign. I haven’t indicated anything different during the transition. I think people can take me at my word.” Let’s break this down. “I believe in common-sense gun safety laws…” Yeah… Just like | Read More »

    Promised Change But Delivered…

    With all the mention of a “team of rivals” and comparisons to President Lincoln, President-elect Obama promised Americans an era of change away from politics as usual in D.C. But what has he delivered so far? During the transition team announcements of cabinet posts, it seems to be politics as usual Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton advisor, as chief of | Read More »

    Change they believe in!

    I know most on here don’t follow Massachusetts politics, but we had a ballot question that would of abolished the income tax here, but it failed. Then today a state agency decided to increase tolls, after they increased them last year. I wrote this today for publication in our weekly university newspaper.Tolls increased Article appearing in Mass Media, UMass Boston’s independent newspaper. Change they believe | Read More »

    Today’s Republicans, Coach Joyner and a smelly locker room. The way back.

    For some reason that smell still holds memories for me, even eighteen years later. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very pleasant smell and that probably has something to do with why it still lingers after all this time. Coach Joyner was the new coach who entered the locker room after our first game, which was not a success and in fact was the moment that we | Read More »

    time for our CHANGE!

    I am 34 and decided to get involved. Have always followed politics personally and intensely thanks to my dad. The last 2 years and this election has made me get involved. Called The AZ GOP today, starting to help. Texted my brother, he is doing the same in Toledo, and informing his friends to do the same. I quote Young Guns “Regulators Mount up” it | Read More »

    I just puked

    Here is your change sir.


    Rahm Emanuel Evades Property Tax Burden

    Like most former/current Chicago residents, I was pretty astonished that Obama was starting his “change” administration with the quintessential face of Chicago Boss politics, one Rahm Emanual [sic]. It seemed something akin to inviting Al Capone to run the Treasury Department. Well, thanks to my old blogging home Illinois Review, we learn that high-taxing-Rahmy does not believe in paying high taxes himself: According to the | Read More »

    Government is a Reacting Entity

    I was channel surfing today and clicked on “The View”. I have NEVER been able to stomach watching this show after seeing some clips, well, except to ogle Hasselbeck! They had Vernon Jordan on and he made an ironic statement. I paraphrase, “Government is reactionary entity, not an initiating entity and responds to what people want.” He said the government affirms whatever “law” we “write” | Read More »