Chaos in the House

    Chaos in the House

    There’s a lot of speculation going on right now that the chaos in the House of Representatives illustrates to the public that the Republican Party is dying. While I think the party is perhaps deathly ill, what’s going on in the House is proof that there is a panacea for the illness. Ask any moderate Republican in the House what the illness is, and they | Read More »

    The Vietnamization of Iraq – The Narcissistic Legacy of Barack Obama

    A president’s job is tough. And that goes for any president. Aside from being in charge of an organization that employs millions of people and is responsible for the expenditure of trillions of dollars, he is the Commander in Chief. And it is in that area that no doubt weighs most heavily on presidential shoulders. The decision to send young men into battle where you | Read More »

    So She Made Like a Economic Stimulus Plan and Bailed….

    Christine Romer is no longer advising Barack Obama on the economy. That’s OK, President Obama is now well-versed in the job of POTUS. He can give the economy an overly violent hernia check all on his own. He doesn’t need no stinkin’ economist. If this morning’s job report is an accurate barometer of future trajectory, we won’t need them much longer either. Bartering is nowhere | Read More »

    Help to increase the chaos in the IL democratic party!

    I’ve begun a facebook group – REPUBLICANS FOR SCOTT LEE COHEN, the carbuncle on incumbent governor Pat Quinn’s rosy posterior. This nobody managed to finish on top in a 6-way race for Lieutenant Governor (normally a meaningless job, but in IL, sitting governors are replaced with startling regularity). What’s so wrong with Scott Lee Cohen? How about wifebeating, steroid-shooting, deadbeat-dadding and trying to slash a | Read More »

    Temporary Disengagement

    The Ntrepid family just completed a week long vacation to the state of my birth.  It was eight mostly blissful days away from the habitual over consumption of news that mires my routine everyday life.  Nothing but kids music and videos for endless hours in the car…a near perfect media blackout.   A few items did stick with me along the way…   (1) During | Read More »

    It has begun

    Everything Barack Hussein Obama and his administration have proposed and implemented thus far has been deliberate and intentional for the sole purpose of creating mistrust, confusion, fear, panic and desperation so that there results much chaos for which more power and control will be deemed necessary which appears to becoming evident daily, our Constitution be damned as it has been declared an old musty and | Read More »

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    It’s “Put On The Helmet Day” Mom

    Red States, Rush, I hope you’re listening. There is one thing and one thing only we need to do right now, and for the foreseeable future. It is time for the Operation Chaos Reunion Tour. Remember, according to the polls, there are at least 48 million of us out there. Now what is the best way to create this chaos? Firstly, today is the day | Read More »

    John McWho?

    Many American Conservatives were highly pleased with the “success” of Rush’s Operation Chaos, the attempt to keep the race between Hillary and Barack going for as long as possible, the theory being that the longer they were able to snipe at one another the less successful they would ultimately be in the general election, and the more time the Republican challenger would have to gain | Read More »