House NASA Bill Undermines Senate-White House Compromise

    Only in America, where we will shoot our foot to spite our nose. Right now, the fight over NASA has taken an ugly turn: The U.S. Senate appeared to have cobbled together a compromise with the White House concerning NASA’s immediate future as of late last week, but a new House Science Committee bill might undermine those dealings. The House proposal does not include an | Read More »

    Muslim Self-Esteem Now Job One At NASA

    While surfing my favorite Muslim propaganda website, Al-Jazeera, I came upon some comments from President Obama’s newly appointed chief of NASA. Obama approved female space suit Obama approved male space suit Charles Bolden, in a recent interview with that “news” outlet, said the “foremost” mission he had been given by Obama was “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage | Read More »

    Liberalism, open borders rhetoric arrives…at the NASA Astronaut Corps?

    Earlier this month, rookie (and now veteran) Astronaut Jose Hernandez returned to Earth aboard Space Shuttle Discovery after completing mission STS-128, which delivered supplies to the International Space Station and also featured his fellow crew members performing a series of station assembly spacewalks. Neato mosquito, right? Yet another remarkable achievement for some U.S. Astronauts (and one guy from the European Space Agency)? No doubt. Unfortunately, | Read More »