Hack Reporter Attacks Local Blogger

    Local blogger Adam Sharp, the man behind Sharp Elbows STL, attended a recent HCAN rally. Adam has a pretty good history of getting some quality footage at these events (check out his archives). This rally was no different. Adam arrived on the scene expecting to find his normal HCAN craziness. What he got was even better. Local “reporter” Charles Jaco (of KTVI Fox 2 and | Read More »

    CNN Hackery Nothing New

    There has been no shortage of digital ink on the despicable reporting on CNN by Susan Roesgen.  Here at RedState alone: Objective CNN Reporter to Chicago Tea Party Attendee: “Why Are You Complaining? Don’t You Know Obama Gave Your State Billions in the Stimulus!?” – Jeff Emanuel We Have a Winner! Absolutely, Positively WORST Tea Party Day Coverage in the Galaxy – Skanderbeg Don’t Expect | Read More »