Who’s the Veep II

    Awright, so you guys think I’m a MittBot.  Fair enough, but the numbers are with me, and it isn’t the weak, halfcocked numbers Giuliani had going for him.  And just wait until you see who I pick for Romney’s VP – sweartadog you guys will love this idea. I’ve already talked about Petraeus being able to knock off Romney (and, lest ye think that I’m | Read More »

    Warning Signs Abound for Charlie Crist

    Good on Lee County Republican voters. There was a straw poll in this all important battleground for the GOP Senate nomination. The straw poll was put on by the Republican Executive Committee. The result? Rubio crushed Crist. Lee County’s Republican Executive Committee’s straw poll last week that had members preferring U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio over Gov. Charlie Crist by a 60-11 margin sent ripples | Read More »

    Marco Rubio Gaining on Charlie Crist

    Despite the spin being applied to this polling, Marco Rubio is making significant gains on Charlie Crist more than a year before the Florida Primary. The Mason-Dixon Florida Poll, conducted last week among 625 registered voters, indicated 51 percent support for Crist — compared to 23 percent for Rubio. But that was largely a factor of Crist being far better known statewide than the former | Read More »

    Charlie Crist peddles his lies on Twitter

    Charlie Crist has taken to Twitter to peddle his lies. Here’s the latest: Tomorrow is the last day of our fund raising quarter. Please support our campaign for LESS TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, AND MORE FREEDOM. Charlie Crist just signed a budget raising taxes on Floridians. Charlie Crist supported and said he would vote for the Obama stimulus plan that expands the size of government, creating | Read More »

    Why Rubio is NOT the GOP’s Obama

    My good friend and President of our local (Sarasota, Florida) Young Republican Club, Matthew Cochran, had a great blog post today debunking this idea that somehow Marco Rubio’s charisma, background and incredible oratory skills are such that he is our own “Obama”. Apart from the fact I find the comparison insulting, it couldn’t be further from the truth and Matthew does a great job explaining why: The | Read More »

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Again?

    Former U.S. Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) announced Monday, via YouTube, he intends to challenge Governor Charlie Crist and former Florida House of Representatives Speaker Marco Rubio in the Republican primary for Florida’s vacant Senate seat in 2010. Echoing Rubio’s conservative sentiments, the Florida snowbird said his entry into the already-crowded primary was precipitated by the Republican Party establishment’s unacceptable lurch to the left. “I can’t | Read More »

    On the NRSC Endorsement

    Thanks very much to Sen. Cornyn for his willingness to reach out to us on this issue. — Erick Two and a half years ago, the Republican Party suffered a major blow in the 2006 midterm elections as the Democrats regained control of Congress and began laying the groundwork to take back the White House in 2008. As a Party, we were stunned. Having failed | Read More »

    Charlie Crist: The Headline Says It All

    “Gov. Crist signs $66.5 billion budget, breaks tax pledge”, the St. Petersburg Times headline reads. This is the man the Senate Republican leadership has lined up behind. This is one of the men on whom the GOP will rely to rebuild the Republican majority. For what? Why have a Republican majority when we will get nothing different than what the Democrats offer? There remains no | Read More »

    How the Press Will Try to Elect Crist

    I blogged the other day about the Op-Ed piece written by the Governor of Florida (now Senatorial Candidate) trying to establish his conservative credentials just before he signs a bill with a record number of new taxes and fees and after he stands on a stage wrapped in a warm embrace of the most liberal president of our time and I am ridiculously hopeful that some MSM | Read More »


    I am so freaking annoyed!  Today I read Charlie Crist;s op-ed piece in the Tampa Tribune where he – get this – says he OPPOSES Obama’s spending programs.  In addition, the president’s plan will severely increase our national debt. Seriously?  Has he forgotten he stood on stage with the President with his hand out and tongue wagging grabbing the goodies from Washington dangled before him? And then there’s this: | Read More »

    If the Florida GOP Can Do It, So Can the NRSC

    The Florida Republican Party’s Chairman is announcing that the Florida GOP will now be neutral in the race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. Greer wrote: As it relates to the Senatorial primary, the State party is neutral, no resources have been provided to one candidate over another and although I will personally support Governor Crist, I have great respect for former Speaker Rubio and | Read More »

    Charlie Crist Raises Taxes & Now Says He’d Vote for Stimulus — Just Like Specter

    Bumped for the Hot Seat Poll. Charlie Crist, Florida’s Governor and the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s chosen candidate for the Senate, has decided to endorse last week signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s “no tax” pledge. This week, Crist will approve the Florida legislature’s new budget, balanced by raising taxes. If that weren’t bad enough, speaking in South Florida, Charlie Crist said he would have | Read More »

    ‘Watchmen on the wall of world freedom.’

    A quote from Kennedy’s last, undelivered speech – and one quoted by Florida Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as part of his farewell speech to the Florida legislature. Via And So it Goes in Shreveport. No transcript yet, sorry. I’ve been personally staying out of the entire Crist/Rubio NRSC endorsement brouhaha, mostly because we’re going to have Senatorial candidates that are going to need the NRSC’s | Read More »

    The Problem with the NRSC’s Crist Endorsement

    Let’s dive right into this story. Here is the list of donors to the NRSC. I encourage you to go through the list. If you see people you know, tell them how the NRSC wants their money, then wants them to shut up. The NRSC’s endorsement of Charlie Crist is a repudiation of the base of the GOP. It is a tacit admission that the | Read More »

    Ten for the Road: Which Republican Leaders Will Lead Us on Our Road to Recovery?

    Thanks to my chairmanship of the Executive Roundtable for the Republican Governor’s Association, I have had the privilege of knowing some of the party’s most influential leaders. This, plus concerns on the current Administration’s direction (think assault on free enterprise and march toward socialism) have led me to some early thoughts on who might both lead our party back and who might be our nominee | Read More »