A little help would be appreciated

    I donated to support this good idea. I ask that those who can donate do so ($5 is all they are asking from each donor). Show our PUMA helpers that we aren’t all Eeyores and that we too want to make sure it truly is NOBAMA!

    Obama and The Chicago School: PR Lesson #1

    While Hollywood is undoubtedly pro-Obama, we can take cheer in the fact that it has already produced an extremely useful film for our efforts to understand the Obama phenomenon. That would be the vastly entertaining musical Chicago. Here’s Billy Flynn, patron saint of all Chicago lawyers, giving a demo on how to turn a really bad case into solid gold! And even Ayers’ smoking gun | Read More »

    The first….but certainly not the last…

    First diary …..so please excuse the formatting…I just saw this article and got done pouring myself 3 fingers of Johnny Walker Black. I never thought I’d see the day. Apparently the sheriff of Cook County, IL, that’s Chicago for those not familiar with the area, announced that he would no longer enforce the eviction notice on foreclosed properties. The implications boggle. Lawlessness is only the | Read More »

    Chicago’s Public Schools- It Takes a Paddle to Raise a Child

    h/t Drudge It does look like all that Annenberg money that Barack Obama and his pal William Ayers spent might have been diverted to, um, weapons of @$$ destruction. CBS Chicago reports on a scandal that has broken out involving physical abuse at Chicago pulic schools. CHICAGO (CBS) ? CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini exposed illegal corporal punishment in public schools, and the report is | Read More »

    The Chicago “Machine” is upset now

    It seems the latest ad assosiating Barry with the corrupt “Chicago Machine” has ruffled a few feathers….. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass-24-sep24,0,1898337.column Hey King Richard….if there is no “Chicago Machine”, like you say, than why are you so upset???

    The Chicago “Machine” is upset now

    It seems the latest ad assosiating Barry with the corrupt “Chicago Machine” has ruffled a few feathers….. Mayor Daley Upset Hey King Richard….if there is no “Chicago Machine”, like you say, than why are you so upset???

    ChicagObama; Democrats Walking Into Another Steve Schmidt Trap

    But before the Lehman meltdown, team Obama knew they were in trouble and they decided to change the tone of their campaign. They unleashed the new tough angry Obama. The Obamamaniacs flipped for it. According to liberal conventional wisdom, Obama is finally taking it to the Republicans and their “lies” and his rise in the polls reflect that his new tough guy act is working. | Read More »

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    The Fruits of Community Organzing

    Before I was blessed to know of the existence of Barack Obama, I had an entirely different view of what community organizing is. I would think of City Year – the organization that takes mindless young people with the hope of turning them into minions for George Soros. Mostly inner-city youth at a cross-road facing two options — stop bathing and become a so-called anarchist | Read More »

    It’s time for a strategic redeployment from Chicago

    This summer, 123 people were killed in Chicago. That’s twice the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq in the same period. http://cbs2chicago.com/local/chicago.summer.shootings.2.810166.html Clearly, the war for Chicago is lost. We have created more enemies, took our eye off the ball, and wasted billions in government programs that had no effect. Our only remaining option is to withdraw all Americans from Chicago, consequences be damned. | Read More »

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    It is safer to be in Iraq or Afghanistan than in Chicago

    In the midst of all of the rhetoric blowing heatedly from the Obama campaign, one question needs to be asked of Senator Obama. And asked forcefully. Why is the fact that the death toll in Chicago this summer is about double the death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq not of concern to you, Senator? Quoting from CBS news in Chicago: “**Information from wire service | Read More »

    Obama’s Time line

    A time line to Barrack’s adult life and what it really means, In this I will show no disrespect for the accomplishments of a brilliant man who has pulled himself through some rather tough situations and not depended on govt. to take care of him. 1979 Graduates High School leaves Hawaii for Occidental College in Los Angelas, CA – Closest Mainland College he can afford1981 | Read More »

    Obama’s Surprise VP Choice

    Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, or Evan Bayh? Oh, you silly country rubes. There is not an audacious name in that bunch. On Saturday, Barack Obama will return to the initial scene of his crimes against humanity with his vice presidential choice in tow. That choice? Does the phrase, “We’re putting the band back together,” mean anything to you, Chicago?

    The Annenberg Records Will Show Obama’s Connection With Bill Ayers Was Direct and Substantive

    If you haven’t paid attention to the coverup related to the Annenberg Challenge on Excellence in Education, you need to catch up. This is a ticking time bomb for the Obama campaign. They are doing their best, through proxies, to stop the release of the Annenberg records from the University of Illinois Chicago (“UIC”). Why? Because as Rick Moran points out the release of the | Read More »

    Starbucks Needs Our Help-Especially in Chicago

    I am a big fan of Starbucks- both the franchise and the wonderful coffee. Yes, yes, I know that a lot of lefty nonsense percolates in their trendier locations, but they deserve a lot of credit for making coffee fun again.

    The Case of Chicago (Don’t read: Still draft)

    To do list: Provide succint summary of the past activities, projects and efforts of Sen. Obama while in Chicago and state legislator in Illinois Assembly. Highlight Obama’s stands/positions/policies in Chicago. Enumerate key personalities in Chicago that Barack had working relationship with. Provide a situationer of present Chicago, focus on Economy and Violence. Make a treatise why Gov. Blago is correct in saying that “Chicago is | Read More »