Dial For Your Dollars, Cook County

    Tomorrow morning’s Chicago Tribune editorial addresses the importance — even the historic nature — of the County Board’s vote on whether or not to override Todd Stroger’s veto of our vote to repeal his sales tax increase. I think we all know the importance, so we will simply share the most important excerpt of this editorial: Taxpayers, start dialing if you want to offer last-minute | Read More »

    The Chicago Way

    Tony Peraica is one of the few outspoken Republicans in the Chicago area – and we see here that the “Chicago Way” is still alive and well… <A HREF=”http://www.suntimes.com/news/24-7/1563364,tony-peraica-shooting-home-riverside-050709.article”>Tony Peraica was target of Riverside shots fired at home</A>.

    “The typical American is not a good citizen…”

    (Via Glenn Reynolds) I’d submit this without comment: …except where’s the fun in that? Not that I have much to add: when you have members of your group saying things like “The typical American is not a good citizen” further commentary may seem a touch unfair. I will note that if this group is typical then the NWF people are building up quite the conspiracy | Read More »


    Gov Pat Quinn calls for Burris to resign.

    [UPDATE] Well, well, well: I may be happy to be proven wrong in this case: “Illinois governor says Burris should resign Quinn says a new senator should be chosen by special election.” Via Hot Air. Reported by Jim Geraghty: given the drumbeat of articles cropping up (“Black Ministers May Rethink Backing Sen. Burris,” and “Blagojevich aide tells of Burris call in fall,” and “What people | Read More »

    Chicago Suburban Democrats Throw Homeless Man off Ballot

    Savor that headline, will you? The Democratic stronghold of Oak Park, home of trendy downtown shops and many Obama signs, is working with its lawyers to keep a homeless man off the ballot for the next village election. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Oak Park’s village board voted 2-1 to prevent Daniel Fore from running for village trustee on the April 7 ballot because | Read More »

    Gregg Withdraws From Commerce Nomination

    Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) has just withdrawn his name from consideration to be the next Secretary of Commerce. Via Hot Air, Michelle Malkin has Gregg’s statement [emphasis mine]:“However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to | Read More »

    This Guy for Secretary of Commerce

    I had half-jokingly thought this guy would be the best pick. More on this later. President Barack Obama’s idea to put Republican New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg to be the new Secretary of Commerce is nothing more than a blatantly obvious political ploy. Apparently, Obama doesn’t want someone to manage all of the agencies of the Commerce Department; he just wants a face to be | Read More »


    Senators:                             Roland Burris & Dick Durbin Representative:                   Jesse Jackson, Jr. Illinois Governor:                 Rod Blogojevich (arrested) Illinois House leader:           Mike Madigan Illinois Attorney General:     Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) Chicago Mayor:                   Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley) The leadership in Illinois?  All Democrats. Body count in the last six months:    292 killed (murdered) in Chicago 221 killed in Iraq  (Maybe we should pull out of | Read More »

    BREAKING: Blago Gone!!!

    Rod Blagojevich was just convicted in his impeachment trial in the Illinois Senate.  A 2/3 vote was needed.  It was unanimous, 59-0. Congratulations to new Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn.

    He must have found a buyer

    Rahm Emanuel will leave his seat on Friday, according to Roll Call. If you’ll remember, it seems Emanuel’s conversations with Blago involved finding a suitable seat warmer for Rahm. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too — go to the White House a couple of years, help Obama, then return to Congress. “It has been a tremendous privilege to serve the people | Read More »


    THE JESSE JACKSON DUO AND PRESIDENT BIDEN I guess I shouldn’t talk since I live in a liberal cesspool, Nueva York, but I’ve at least been blessed not to live in Illinois or, God forbid, in the murder capital of the nation, Chicago.    I admit that until recently I knew next to jacksquat about the son of the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson.  Mostly I knew he was the | Read More »

    Charges Against Blago Imply Obama Camp Link

    The Chicago Tribune has posted the text of the federal complaint against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  It’s a fascinating read.  And one of the specific charges seems to strongly imply that the Governor or his representatives contacted someone in the Obama campaign seeking to trade the designation of Barack Obama’s successor in the Senate for the job as Secretary of HHS.  Did Obama or someone | Read More »

    Chicago: Where services are only available on union hours, but you have to pay 24/7

    The city of Chicago is pushing through two changes: first, side streets will now only be plowed during union working hours, which apparently are weekdays 7am-3pm (hat tip: Neal Boortz, via americanthinker.com): CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Richard M. Daley said Tuesday that city crews will cut back on plowing side streets this winter in an effort to save money. The mayor said the city will | Read More »


    NEWS FLASH: Ayers and Obama Again!

    Thiswas on AOL News this morning: “Bill Ayers (R), co-founder of the organization Weather Underground, chats with other voters after casting his vote in the U.S. presidential election at the Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School in Chicago, November 4, 2008. Ayers cast his vote within half an hour of U.S. democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama at the same polling place.”Still think there’s no continuing connection? Why | Read More »

    The Chicago mafia descends

    The new White House Chief of Staff is Chicago congressman Rahm Emanuel.President-elect Barack Obama has it all figured out already. Axelrod’s angling for a White House job, and there will be plenty of other Chicago friends coming along.There’s just the minor formality of an election now, which they’re doing their best to buy or steal…We can still stop them, folks. We’ve got to win this | Read More »