The progressive movement’s abandonment of human rights, Part 45.

    Here’s the thing: I’ve met Michael Barone. I know that he’s smart. Frighteningly so, in fact. And I know that he pays attention to details, in ways that usually startle the living life out of people who aren’t used to it. In other words, this is an aware guy that we’re talking about. So why the surprise, here? All of which brings to mind the | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 18, 2009 GM, Chrysler seek $22 billion more Automakers press case for restructuring over bankruptcy — Rancher cleared in rights case Arizona jury still awards damages to illegal immigrants — Spending the stimulus won’t be easy Agencies’ new money far exceeds their usual budgets — PERRY: Belief in individual at conservatism’s core (Part of TWT’s “Reinventing Conservatism” series) — Ex-border agents freed | Read More »

    Don’t drop your guard, Hillary!

    It is terrific that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making Asia her first official trip abroad.  America is a Pacific nation.  And that’s where the future is.  Clinton’s decision is strategic.  The countries she’s decided to visit (Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and China) and the order she is visiting them are solid judgments.  Now the hard stuffs starts. The first real conversation between President | Read More »

    Ask the Romans What Happens When you Increase the Distribution of Pork, Oil and Bread

    It might be a good idea for President Obama to skip over the comparisons to Lincoln and set the Wayback Machine for another time when a mighty empire stood, only to be brought down by mismanagement.   The Romans had stimulus programs too. Infrastructure projects to build and maintain temples, baths and other public venues became compulsory labor for a decimated middle class. In return | Read More »

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    On The Trade Front: Heckuva Job, Obama Administration

    Let’s review the bidding: An ill-considered statement from the Treasury Secretary tax delinquent nominee concerning Chinese currency re-evaluation may very well start off a trade war between the United States and China. If that’s not enough, there has been little to no movement whatsoever on the part of Team Obama–stretching from the campaign to the present day–to indicate that there will be any serious effort | Read More »

    Henry Paulson Wouldn’t Have Done This

    Treasury Secretary-designate Tim Geithner was reported to have mentioned yesterday that he believes the Chinese are “manipulating” their currency, presumably downward against the dollar in an attempt to goose their exports. This issue is going to get a lot of play in the next few months, because China’s mercantilist policy depends on an artificially undervalued currency. Since this causes tremendous imbalances in global capital flows, | Read More »

    ‘Stimulating’ Health Care – China’s Trying It, Too

    The U.S. Congress is hammering out a legislative attempt to “stimulate” the economy with taxpayer-funded health care initiatives, including information technology (IT) and comparative effectiveness research on drugs and treatments. It looks like China has a similar — and similarly misguided — idea about linking government involvement in health care to economic “stimulus.” The International Herald Tribune reported January 22 that China intends “to spend | Read More »

    Who’s Going To Pay the US National Debt?

    As I write, the public debt (sometimes called the national debt) of the US stands at $6.3 trillion, roughly 40% of GDP. (You’ve heard many people say that the debt is actually about $10.6 trillion, but that’s fictional, as I explain below.) As we know, the question of who will pay off the debt is an interesting and urgent one. Especially now that, through a | Read More »

    Chinese Humvee… er, Mengshi, we Mean… Outperforms American Humvee

    Don’t you just love it when other nations have such grand successes in the realm of science, technology, and engineering? Isn’t it great when, all on their own without any help from anyone, a backwards country such as China can produce a battlefield transport vehicle that is far better than our poor American version? And, they did it without any espionage, too. And if you | Read More »


    Some Macro-Thoughts on 2009

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    Why Recycle?

    As a small business in California, we have a lot of restrictions and laws that we have to follow. We do commercial printing of newspapers, and so we have a lot of newsprint that is wasted in setting up the print jobs and over-runs. We have always recycled this newsprint because it is the responsible thing to do, and we always got back a little | Read More »

    China Devalues Its Currency

    It seems to me that focus has shifted away from China’s economic and financial doings during the acute financial crisis that began last September. The story in China for most of this year and last year has been extremely high inflation (particularly in prices for staple foods), and vigorous measures by the country’s banking and monetary authorities to reduce the formation of credit. Up till | Read More »

    Pro choice groups: Why the silence on China?

    Pro choice used to mean pro choice. Not pro abortion, but pro choice. Pro choice should mean anti forced abortion. So, why the radio silence from the pro choice and women’s rights groups on China’s policy of forced abortions?

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 13, 2008 GOP to file suit to undo McCain rules McCain-Feingold limits hurt presidential efforts China stimulus hurts U.S. credit markets Surplus funds stay at home EXCLUSIVE: U.S. military worries about climate change EXCLUSIVE: Dead veteran’s kin demand trauma inquiry After death of son, dad takes cases to Capitol Hill Better-funded won more races Losers are the less well off Arab | Read More »

    Why China Can’t Save Us

    From mcmikep2.blogspot.comYesterday the Chinese government announced it would spend nearly 600 billion USD in stimulus efforts. Morgan Stanley’s Qing Wang and Steven Zhang gave us a heads up that this was coming here. They expected the announcement of a proactive stimulus policy to be made at the end of the month. Not only was it made earlier, but prior to the announcement, Chinese finance minister | Read More »