China and the Dalai Lama

    According to the Post, China is now “urging” Obama not to meet with the Dalai Lama.  This is nothing new, China has been telling world leaders not to meet with the Lama for years.  Every president since H.W. Bush has met with the Tibetan leader and ignored the Chinese.  BUT that was every president before B.O.  This is a no brainer – ignore the Chinese and | Read More »

    China spies and why U.S can’t cry

    What could possibly be more troubling than a handshake with Chavez or bow to a Saudi king? The notion that we are borrowing trillions from a country who continues to steal state secrets. From today’s Wall St. Journal: WASHINGTON — Computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project — the Defense Department’s costliest weapons program ever — according to current | Read More »

    A World Without Nuclear Arms, Is A World Where Evil Willingly Surrenders All Ambitions

    Over in Europe Barack Obama told the the Europeans what Europeans themselves believe in: He plans to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Although, both sides seem to forget actually ridding the world of nuclear weapons, something easier said than done. Look, I’m not a pessimistic person at all, but I am a realist. During the Democratic Primary fellow Hillary Supporters and I were constantly | Read More »

    Beijing, Teheran, Building Bridges to Latin America

    I frequently complain about Barack Obama not paying enough attention to Latin America. The region affects our security directly, yet the Obama administration gives little sign of recognizing the efforts of China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and others to build alliances against our interests. Two recent articles help illustrate the dangers. The first deals with Iran’s ongoing efforts to strengthen supporters in Latin America’s large Arab | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 19, 2009 EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s $500,000 book bonanza Deal reached 5 days before he took office — EXCLUSIVE: Chinese spy who defected tells all Says mission is to ‘control’ —- Treasury cleared way for AIG bonuses More to be doled out to executives at Fannie Mae — AIG chief asked employees to return bonuses — CURL: Lawmakers unleash rage at AIG — | Read More »

    Obama says economy is sound

    Obama, liberals, Democrats, and the media politicized Americans’ economic fear for their own agenda. Obama rebuked McCain in a debate for his remarks, and now he says the same thing out of national self-preservation.

    Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 13, 2009 EXCLUSIVE: Everyman Obama courts socialites A workingman’s White House cultivates Beltway ‘tastemakers’ — Steele begins naming his team Parries charges of being adrift — Obama appointee on leave after FBI raid 2 men arrested in bribery probe — EXCLUSIVE: Fenty pushes for school vouchers D.C. mayor breaks with Democrats on Hill — Stimulus overseer: Waste ‘inevitable’ — China resolution | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 12, 2009 Obama vows earmark reform — EXCLUSIVE: Infighting knocks wind from energy plans — EXCLUSIVE: China stocks up on bargain oil Benefits from recession-weakened West — U.S., Russia face tough discussions on weapons — CURL: State, media ‘button’ lips over Russian gaffe — Feds might offer bounties for market miscreants — Teacher reps fight random drug tests Schools adopt | Read More »

    Cap And Don’t Trade: Obama May Set Off Trade War With Climate Policy

    As anyone who followed the Kyoto Protocols back in the 1990s can tell you, even if you believe that government action to stem carbon emissions would be desirable, Kyoto wasn’t a genuine effort to get a worldwide agreement on limiting emissions: it exempted seven of the world’s eight most populous nations (the U.S. being the lone exception) from its provisions, including rapidly growing economies like | Read More »

    The progressive movement’s abandonment of human rights, Part 45.

    Here’s the thing: I’ve met Michael Barone. I know that he’s smart. Frighteningly so, in fact. And I know that he pays attention to details, in ways that usually startle the living life out of people who aren’t used to it. In other words, this is an aware guy that we’re talking about. So why the surprise, here? All of which brings to mind the | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 18, 2009 GM, Chrysler seek $22 billion more Automakers press case for restructuring over bankruptcy — Rancher cleared in rights case Arizona jury still awards damages to illegal immigrants — Spending the stimulus won’t be easy Agencies’ new money far exceeds their usual budgets — PERRY: Belief in individual at conservatism’s core (Part of TWT’s “Reinventing Conservatism” series) — Ex-border agents freed | Read More »

    Don’t drop your guard, Hillary!

    It is terrific that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making Asia her first official trip abroad.  America is a Pacific nation.  And that’s where the future is.  Clinton’s decision is strategic.  The countries she’s decided to visit (Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and China) and the order she is visiting them are solid judgments.  Now the hard stuffs starts. The first real conversation between President | Read More »

    Ask the Romans What Happens When you Increase the Distribution of Pork, Oil and Bread

    It might be a good idea for President Obama to skip over the comparisons to Lincoln and set the Wayback Machine for another time when a mighty empire stood, only to be brought down by mismanagement.   The Romans had stimulus programs too. Infrastructure projects to build and maintain temples, baths and other public venues became compulsory labor for a decimated middle class. In return | Read More »

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    On The Trade Front: Heckuva Job, Obama Administration

    Let’s review the bidding: An ill-considered statement from the Treasury Secretary tax delinquent nominee concerning Chinese currency re-evaluation may very well start off a trade war between the United States and China. If that’s not enough, there has been little to no movement whatsoever on the part of Team Obama–stretching from the campaign to the present day–to indicate that there will be any serious effort | Read More »

    Henry Paulson Wouldn’t Have Done This

    Treasury Secretary-designate Tim Geithner was reported to have mentioned yesterday that he believes the Chinese are “manipulating” their currency, presumably downward against the dollar in an attempt to goose their exports. This issue is going to get a lot of play in the next few months, because China’s mercantilist policy depends on an artificially undervalued currency. Since this causes tremendous imbalances in global capital flows, | Read More »