Bring Back Chivalry and Solve #YesAllWomen

    We are told by the Progressive Left that blanket statements are bad such as not all worshipers of Islam are violent as the 29 terrorists who killed Americans on 9/11 for example. We can’t say all democrats hate the military. We aren’t allowed to suggest that all ACLU lawsuits are aimed at undermining Christian rights in public environments. And we certainly aren’t allowed to suggest | Read More »

    Rand Paul Was Magnificently Right!

    If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself. -Spanish Proverb (HT: The Quotations Page) There are occasions when a gentleman does not shake hands indiscriminately. There have to be some refusals, or the gesture no longer retains value or meaning. In his most recent debate with Jack Conway, GOP Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul exercised exceptional philosophical judgment by not according Jack Conway | Read More »


    The Blogosphere Needs To Develop A Code of Chivalry

    It was several years back and I was in better shape and lifted weights almost daily. I’d pump at least some iron and then my lifting partner would pump about 80lbs more. This dude qualified as a certifiable hoss. He came in to the gym one night complaining that he’d had to break up a fist fight at his job. His face kind of looked | Read More »


    In the past I’ve addressed the matter of chivalry, but never in a fully satisfactory manner. I decided to take up the matter today. The full scope of my new commentary can be seen here. It’s essential that we address the topic again…and again as the situation of modern man has not changed. Equality and Chivalry cannot coexist in a just society, in my view. | Read More »