Gee, it’s like Chris Buckley never voted for the guy.

    “The Audacity of Oops.” Tell me something that I (or Hot Air) didn’t already know. Or something that a lot of people last year didn’t already know; including – and I mention this solely to be particularly offensive to people like Chris Buckley – THAT WOMAN. You know, it’d be nice if our self-appointed elites would do the rest of us the courtesy of admitting | Read More »

    Chris Buckley descends to fanfic.

    Let me start off by saying that fanfic is not inherently bad, of course. It is often very, very bad: but then, every so often you get something like The Darth Side, which was infinitely better than 2/3rds of the films that it drew from. However, I’m well aware that to a Yalie calling his work ‘fanfic’ is a bit of a killing insult, which | Read More »