So far so good in Delaware

    In the last few days, since Christine O’Donnell won that glorioous upset-victory over the liberal GOP Establishment, its been pretty much all positive for her and the Tea Party that supported her.  She’s raised a tremendous amount of money, she immediately saw her 16 point defecit cut to 11 points, she’s had tons and tons of positive media attention, pretty much everything has gone her | Read More »

    November Victory Strategy for Christine O’Donnell

    We all heard the outrageous, inexcusable comments last night by Karl Rove, and the NRSC.  We know that the GOP Establishment ran radio and TV ads, wrote articles, etc etc attacking her for her personal financial problems during the Primary.  It seems to me that Christine should wear the scorn of the Establishment as a Badge of Honor.  She’s raising unbelievable amounts of money today | Read More »

    This is our chance!

    I’ve been seeing a lot of scared comments by RINOs lately, scared that they’re going to lose the seat they thought they were going to win in Delaware, just like they did in Alaska.  Its easy to see from their perspective, just look at it their way for a second, a RINO is always better than a Conservative, a RINO is more likely to win | Read More »

    Seven Questions with Christine O’Donnell

    Like any other conservative running in 2010, Christine O’Donnell hopes that a November 2 victory signals the end of a damaging era in American Politics. For Christine; however, there is an added weight to the occasion. . .she would be the winner of an open race that could throw the Democrat’s plans for a lame-duck counteroffensive into a tailspin.

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