Christmas From Eve to Mary

    Christmas From Eve to Mary

    As we wind down for the holidays and I gear up to fill in for Rush Limbaugh (12/26, 12/30, and 1/2), I will be doing a special presentation on WSB Radio for Christmas Eve. Putting my seminary learning to good use, I spend an hour tying Eve to Mary, explaining the significant of the smoking pot to Abraham, and breaking down why in 200 AD | Read More »

    Santa averts Christmas Eve work stoppage.

    Santa has apparently averted a reindeer strike that would have threatened gift delivery on Christmas Eve. Rudolph, Comet and Blitzen threatened the strike and appointed Donner as negotiator on their behalf. Once Donner presented the demands that he said justified the strike, Santa immediately broke off negotiations and flew (by commercial airline) to Muleshoe, Texas. While in Muleshoe, he will recruit and train a team | Read More »

    Santa Barry’s Christmas Snow Job

    Usually prior to the holiday season children make up a list, and if well behaved,  brightly colored presents are found stacked under the tree on Christmas morn. 2009 is the first-year America celebrates the birth of Jesus with Barack Obama as President of the United States and although across the fruited plain Americans have been very, very good–this Christmas America is slated to receive nothing | Read More »