In New York, They Call this Chutzpah

    How’s this for shameless. The unions who support eliminating the secret ballot are trying to promote their cause by linking their effort to Iranian protesters angry at having their secret ballot stolen. Or maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Perhaps Card Check’s supporters have turned over a new leaf – impressed and moved by the videos from Iran of thousands of protesters insisting on the sanctity | Read More »

    I don’t feel like paying for the UAW’s premium golf course.

    (Via AoSHQ Headlines, via Michelle Malkin) It’s a very nice golf course, sure: Black Lake Golf Club is the newest addition to the UAW’s Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center, situated on 1,000 heavily forested acres along the southeast side of Black Lake, one of Michigan’s largest inland lakes near Onaway, Michigan. Black Lake Golf Club complements the Center’s recreational facilities, which now include | Read More »