For Obama, It’s All in the Timing

    Timing is everything.  Whether you are baking a cake, playing baseball, or telling a joke, precise timing matters and is arguably the most important variable that, without it, all else will fail.  Lest we forget though, everything IS relative.  What you are baking is as important as the time it takes to bake.  If you hope to advance the runner, pitch counts and runners on | Read More »

    Obama Dems: Doing for free what enemies would pay them to do

    From the diaries by Erick. Would Usama bin Laden and KSM (pictured, who gave up intel that saved LA from its 911 thanks to waterboarding), Iran’s Mullahs and MembersOnlyJacket-ijad, and Kim Jung Il prefer that CIA agents fear prosecution by succeeding administrations for the carrying out of lawfully given interrogation orders? That CIA lawyers fear such prosecutions for confidential legal opinions? The answer is obvious, | Read More »

    Obama Approves Bush Witch Hunt By Passing The Buck To Holder

    It has become quite obvious that the release of the secret memos which revealed enhanced interrogation techniques that the left calls torture was a move by Barack Obama to start the witch hunt of members of the Bush administration. Allowing by Presidential approval the hunt that liberals in Congress have been trying to get started for several years. Obama has gone out of his way | Read More »