Could this actually be the greatest and potentially the deadliest of Obama’s screw ups so far?

    I missed the implications of this up front and I bet you all did too, but I am hearing from members of the American intelligence community and some on the outside closely connected to those on the inside who are raising a huge red flag right now.It appears Barack Obama inexperience and amateurishness has just started bonfires on the bridges connecting him to the American | Read More »

    Keep This In Mind

    In case you had forgotten about the imminent threat of attack on America by Islamic radicals, an attempted attack on Christmas was a wake up call for our nation. With the reports coming out that there will be increased security at airports and even the suspension of Gitmo releases and relocation, the sobering truth is that these measures are not enough. While I wholeheartedly support | Read More »

    CIA: International War Criminals?

    I wonder how long it will take for Obama to now arrest CIA officers as international war criminals (H/T Hotair):

    Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy — President Obama’s Wrong Turn

    Last year, as national finance chairman for John McCain’s Presidential campaign, I strongly supported my friend Sen. McCain, but have kept an open-mind about President Obama’s administration, which you can see in the “100 Days Scorecard” posted here back in April. Don’t get me wrong, it was not a glowing assessment. In particular, I gave him a “D” on the Economy, and his recent decision | Read More »

    There may yet be hope for congressional Republicans…

    Senate Republicans decline any further participation in the assault against the Intelligence Community. Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said Friday that they will no longer participate in an investigation into the Bush administration’s interrogation policies, arguing that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s decision to reexamine allegations of detainee abuse by the CIA would hobble any inquiry. And Sen. Bond is absolutely | Read More »

    The Progression Of Hope And Change – Obama Attacks CIA, Intelligence Gathering Ends, Terrorists Attack America

    Raising the white flag of surrender, Barack Obama using Attorney General Eric Holder as his surrogate, has begun an investigation into CIA interrogation techniques and agents who interrogated terrorists. Make no mistake, no matter how many times or how many ways that Obama tries to deny his involvement or fain opposition to the investigations, the only way that Holder has the authority to conduct the | Read More »

    Cheney calls Democrats soft on national security and slams Obama’s politicized CIA probe

    Moe has posted about the DNC’s pushback to the Cheney interview. But there is much more to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview than Cheney’s statement that the enhanced interrogation techniques worked. During an interview on “FOX News Sunday,” Chris Wallace asked former Vice President Dick Cheney if he thinks Democrats are soft on national security? Cheney responded affirmatively, then added that in recent years | Read More »


    I had wondered why Barack Obama appointed Leon Panetta to be the new Director of the CIA. I’m now thinking that Panetta was put into the position to help Obama ferret out information from the agency in order to get AG Eric Holder to file trumped-up charges against high-ranking members of the Bush administration, including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, for the supposed “misdeeds” | Read More »

    Is Panetta Headed Out the Door?

    Yesterday I told you guys I had a credible though unconfirmed rumor that Leon Panetta had sent his resignation letter up the Barack Obama’s vacation retreat. Spencer Ackerman, not known to believe the government when ChimpyMcBushitlerHalliburton ran it, took the CIA’s denial at face value. Likewise, George Little from the CIA emailed me this: I read your post at I don’t know where these | Read More »

    Rumors Surface That Leon Panetta is Resigning

    I’m hearing a very credible rumor that Leon Panetta has dispatched a resignation letter to Barack Obama on vacation. Panetta is said to be extremely angry about the possible prosecution of CIA officers doing their job and has decided to resign in protest. The rumor is unconfirmed, but given the sourcing I think it is safe to treat it credibly. UPDATED: Spencer Ackerman, cast in | Read More »

    Coercive Techniques, Torture and Mayhem: Situational Ethics 101

    Misleading statements, (empty) threats of physical violence, harassing and disrespectful language, nap deprivation: the CIA is accused of employing these and other ethically troubling techniques in the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh “Bluto” Mohammad and other al Qaeda operatives in the War on Terror the Great Unpleasantness. This being a cruel world, however, we must recognize that there is a time and place for everything. We | Read More »

    The CIA is Not Your Dog. Do Not Wag It.

    How badly has this healthcare plan debate gone for the Obama Amatueristration? So badly that they had to start making noises about arresting Dick Cheney. Well, they haven’t sunk far enough down in the polls to go that far, but they all of a sudden decided that NOW! Was the perfect time to take up the issue of CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists. CNN describes the coming witch-hunt.

    Attorney General Eric Holder has asked federal prosecutor John Durham to examine whether CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists were illegal, the Justice Department announced Monday.

    The move came as senior administration officials said President Obama had OK’d a special interrogation unit to be housed within the FBI, and as a redacted CIA inspector general’s report on interrogation methods was made public for the first time.

    This, of course, is the same Attorney General Eric Holder who previously told us the following.

    ‘It would be unfair to prosecute dedicated men and women working to protect America for conduct that was sanctioned in advance by the Justice Department.” –Attorney General Eric Holder, April 2009 (HT: Wall Street Journal.)

    Read More »
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    POTUS’ One-Star Reading List

    Having reviewed the President’s summer reading list, I’m giving it one out of five stars (okay, maybe 1 1/2) and that’s because I found John Adams by David McCullough a good read. Maybe it’s the constitutionalist in me. Here’s a few I am recommending to our POTUS, what about you? The FairTax Book and it’s companion reader FairTax: The Truth [Answering The Critics] Common Sense | Read More »

    The War on Intelligence

    The ultimate Democrat double entendre, the War on Intelligence is a combat operation liberal politicians, leftist fanatics, apologists and the press can finally get behind!

    Read More »

    The Obama CIA Smoke Screen For Healthcare Begins

    Barack Obama and his family are experiencing a self imposed press black out while vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He is using this vacation not just as a retreat but as a hiding place from the firestorm that is crashing his popularity from the anger of the American people over health care, government spending and massive deficits created since he took office. In fact those | Read More »