Democrats Tape CIA Note on Refrigerator

    Have you read this letter? It’s absolutely comical, not even written on real letterhead or even deemed valid by those who signed it. Slipped up under the door of staffers two weeks after the fact it might as well have been left taped to the congressional refrigerator… a note, not an official communication. It’s a ridiculous sham, Republicans not privy to the (D) break room | Read More »

    Who Is Misleading Who?

    Since the birth of our nation over 220 years ago, the principle of civilian government oversight of our armed services and intelligence agencies has been the backbone of our national defense.  For example, the Joint Chiefs of Staff report to a civilian: the Secretary of Defense.  In addition, each branch of Congress has a Select Committee on Intelligence.  American intelligence agencies are required to report | Read More »

    There’s something wrong here.

    On May 14th, 2009, Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to her and “misleading the Congress of the United States” on the issue of whether or not waterboarding was used, and when. In fact, she even went as far as to say that they “mislead us all the time.” Cue media firestorm. Even The Huffington Post ran a rather lengthy article stating at one | Read More »

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    NRCC targets Democrats using Speaker Pelosi.

    The NRCC will be launching a barrage of television, radio, phone, and physical advertisements today at specific Democratic-controlled House Districts. The theme of the message: Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attacks on the CIA, the implications of those attacks, and the curious disinterest in selected House Democrats in facing up to those implications. The television ad for MD-01′s Frank Kratovil sums it up: If the CIA deceived | Read More »

    Be grateful the RNC didn’t call her ‘Miss Moneyspendy.’

    Nothing much happened yesterday, huh? Aside from a lot of people yelling over this rather innocuous ad, apparently: Allahpundit and Legal Insurrection I’ll forgive: they’re merely offering tactical advice, not taking seriously Lefty faux-outrage currently being cataloged (along with other reactions) by The Other McCain, Little Miss Attila, Protein Wisdom, & The Sundries Shack. Personally, I’ll start taking said Left-outrage more seriously when they start | Read More »

    Specter panders to Pelosi

    New(?) democrat, Arlen Specter, came to house speaker Nancy Pelosi’s defense in an address given to the American Law Institute today. Specter questioned the CIA’s honesty and lauded Pelosi for being “reliable and very able”. From TheHill dot com: “The CIA has a very bad record when it comes to — I was about to say ‘candid’; that’s too mild — to honesty,” Specter, a | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi Needs to Step Down–Part Two: Electric Boogaloo [Updated]

    As most of my regular readers are aware, I wrote a diary last week titled, “Nancy Pelosi Needs to Step Down”. In this diary, I chronicled all of Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous behavior over the past two years (since she became the Speaker of the House), such as attempting to appoint unqualified corrupt cronies to positions of power over more qualified people, appointing a man to | Read More »

    Does Barack Obama Want Nancy Pelosi to Fail?

    As the scandal over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s and other top Congressional Democrats’ bald-faced lies to the American people about what and when they knew of enhanced interrogation techniques enters its second week, questions are beginning to be raised about the Obama Administration’s role in the release of information contradicting Pelosi’s account of briefings she received.  Specifically, inquiring minds are wondering whether the White House | Read More »

    Pelosi Gone Cuckoo?

    “With Speaker Pelosi declining offers from “State of the Union” and others to answer questions on Sunday, her Republican critics stepped into the vacuum — with gusto.” John King It appears that over the weekend someone took the Grand Inquisitor, Nancy Pelosi behind the woodshed to give her something to think about.  She was flooded with requests for interviews, but the usually loquacious Pelosi | Read More »

    Latest on Prevarigate*.

    It’s like a demented tennis match: CIA director says Pelosi received the truth CIA Director Leon Panetta challenged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusations that the agency lied to her, writing a memo to his agents saying she received nothing but the truth. [snip] Panetta, President Obama’s pick to run the clandestine agency and President Clinton’s former chief of staff, wrote in a memo to CIA | Read More »

    Am I Missing Something Here?

    With all the talk these days about Nancy Pelosi and briefings by the CIA to Congress, my head is starting to spin.  Who knew what and when and why didn’t they protest at the time is dominating the news.  It is interesting to note how the left is circling their wagons around their poster girl.  Of course, she really isn’t helping her own cause much | Read More »

    Pelosi’s Days Are Numbered

    Stumbling, bumbling and defensive. This describes the press conference held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi concerning the continuing drama as to when she new and how much she new about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. Acting like a nervous defendent who knew they had been caught as the evidence was presented, Pelosi contradicted her own words as she tried to spin her innocence once again | Read More »

    Lieberman doesn’t know where Pelosi’s getting this ‘misled’ thing from…

    …he’s been getting briefings from them for decades, with no complaints: See also here, here, & here. Ed Morrissey heard laughter in the above: I’m not as sure, but if it is there it’s both understandable and justified. Joe Lieberman’s taken a lot of garbage from Pelosi’s ideological cohorts over the years, and even though he’s easily given better than he’s gotten the thought of | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi is the Most Gullible Person Alive

    Note by Jeff: As bk notes in the comments, you have to really take a few moments and consider this to properly appreciate it. This isn’t just garden-variety “duped by the establishment” gullibility – this is continuous and free admission that the president so many of them dubbed the “dumbest man alive” was so much smarter than them that he not only convinced them an | Read More »

    Strictly business, Madam Speaker.

    A pair of stories (HT: Hot Air Headlines, here and here) illustrate the sudden appearance of troubles for the Speaker of the House rather neatly. First, the general: Democrats: CIA is out to get us Democrats charged Tuesday that the CIA has released documents about congressional briefings on harsh interrogation techniques in order to deflect attention and blame away from itself. and now, the specific: | Read More »