Shame on Cindy

    Cindy McCain joins the chorus of those praising the moral decay of our society.  Time and time again, the voters in our country choose to support the traditions of a strong society and that of marriage.  A racous and loud minority continue to cry foul of the will of most voters.  Marriage is not just a name, it’s a foundation for our future and our children’s | Read More »

    No. Words.

    I can understand being enterprising in seeking information concerning a story if one is a reporter. But this is beyond ridiculous. Does the New York Times discipline reporters who go to such outrageous lengths to do a smear job? Probably not. Those reporters likely get raises instead.

    Beating up on Cindy

    NYTImes story Has anyone discussed this NYT story about Cindy McCain? “The Times has reported vigorously on the backgrounds of the candidates and the influential people in their lives, including both prospective first ladies. We reported where the facts led us,” Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said in a written statement to “The story was a richly reported, completely fair, respectful — even empathetic — | Read More »

    Why you either love or hate Sarah Palin

    This article on Jewish World Review offers a great analysis of why people have an almost instantaneous reaction to Sarah Palin – you either lover her or hate her. The author’s answer is that the election has turned into an unspoken referendum on human nature and the idea of “gender neutrality,” with Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain representing the left’s worst nightmare – strong women | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

     53 Days until Election Day September 13, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Mayors have some of the toughest jobs in the country, because that’s where the rubber hits the road. We yak in the Senate."   – Senator Barack Obama MORNING UPDATE: CNN ON OAKLAND COUNTY…see a CNN story on Michigan and specifically Oakland County…with an interview with GOP Chair Dennis Cowan. CINDY McCAIN…OAKLAND GOP DINNER…SOLD | Read More »

    MI Morning Update

    56 Days until Election Day September 9, 2008 QUOTE OF THE DAY: "They say they are not going to tax you and your family just businesses. So as long as you do not buy food from a grocery store, gas from a gas station or get a paycheck from a business you have nothing to worry about." – Sen. Fred Thompson MORNING UPDATE: OBAMA IN | Read More »