That’s a nice mention

    Where do Republican Presidential candidates go in the media? I recognize one of the places. Erick Erickson has a trifecta — an afternoon radio show, a leading role at a website (Red State Blog) and an annual conference that draws the likes of , Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. He’s a Fox News contributor. Conservative leaders whisper in his ear, although he has chafed at | Read More »


    RNC convention pick bearing fruit: LeBron James to return to Cleveland.

    RNC convention pick bearing fruit: LeBron James to return to Cleveland.

    Hey, if the President can take credit for Osama bin Laden, then Reince Priebus and the RNC can take credit for bringing LeBron back to Cleveland.  I don’t make the rules, after all.  I just use them to be a royal pain in the sit-upon. Four years after he bolted from Cleveland to Miami in pursuit of the N.B.A. championships that had eluded him, LeBron | Read More »

    Kermit Gosnell And The Creep From Cleveland

    So day eight of the Gosnell Trial deliberations begin. It seems he’s charged with performing 24 late term abortions and then getting carried away and killing one of the Mom’s as well. He’s also charged with delivering late-term babies alive and severing their spinal cords over a toilet.

    Meanwhile over in Cleveland we’ve been treated to what can only be described as an appalling spectacle. Three women were abducted as teen-agers. They have been found after a decade of sexual slavery. During this period of torment, the alleged kidnapper, Ariel Castro, is said to have stored the three women in a dungeon in the basement. He spent much of the decade raping them repeatedly, and then did gruesome things to the resulting offspring as well. ABC News describes to us just what makes Ariel Castro such an alleged sick puppy.

    Inside the dungeon-like basement of alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man reportedly raped his three victims for a decade, caused one woman to abort five pregnancies by punching her in the gut, and required a second victim to deliver his baby in a plastic kiddie pool. The women, individually abducted a decade ago, were kept bound by chains in the home’s cellar until their “spirits were broken” and they were allowed access to the rest of the house, a police official told ABC News.

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    #OccupyCleveland Day 7: Send rain ponchos and panties (for both of us)

    A week ago I posted a diary about my undercover trip to #OccupyCleveland. I thought I’d drop by a week later to see how things were going. This time I had my 20-year-old son, a Hillsdale College student, in tow and our plan was to blend into the crowd and observe the action. However… No crowd. No action. Nothing to observe. You see, it rained | Read More »

    Party of Corruption Alert

    Remember when Ohio Democrats charged into power accusing the GOP of being corrupt after too much time under “One Party Rule”?  During those heady days Democratic politicians seemingly couldn’t talk about an issue without using the phrase “party of corruption.”  But then their standard bearer and inspiration turned out to have some problems of his own. Those not blinded by partisanship, however, have long understood | Read More »


    Promoted from diaries. How… interesting. – Moe Lane Yesterday speaking at a rally in Cleveland, Barack Obama thanked Rev. Otis Moss III, the incumbent pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ and successor to Jeremiah Wright! Fast-forward to 5:37 – “And also, a great friend and one of the wisest men I know. Please give a big round of applause to Reverend Otis Moss!” This | Read More »