Origin of Obama’s “scalpel vs. machete” budget cliche

    Here I was, sitting with my car in the ditch, drinking my Slurpee, and listening to Obama’s speech. Obama once again said that we need a scalpel, not a machete, to the out-of-control federal budget. The scalpel-vs.-machete cliche appears to date to at least 1980–and is almost always used by a Democrat. I’ve just added it to my Political Glossary: Entry from April 13, 2011 | Read More »

    A Remarkable Story.

    From a journalistic standpoint, the meteoric rise and even more startling fall  of the giant Democratic socio-Marxist monster combined with the massive uprising of the American people, is being on the front row giving witness to truly historic events. From a political standpoint, it’s the continual efforts in favor of the goal of winning our country back. The greater the estimates I hear regarding the | Read More »