Obama’s on the run

    B. H Obama is on the defensive. His thin qualifications, no matter how propped up by the Democratic machine are beginning to look thread bear. He is of the system of which he protests change. He is a product of the establishment looking for a puppet with a Clinton smile. He is smart enough to know where his bread is buttered, at the though. Expect | Read More »

    Experience, Experience, Experience

    The media, Democrats and some Republicans are beginning to sound like a ridiculous broken record. They keep singing the same old tune, “Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is inexperienced and she isn’t ready to become President.”First, she isn’t running as President…McCain is. She will be the Vice President and will only become President if McCain passes away while in office. He is only 72 years old | Read More »

    Hillary Vs Sarah

    Taking a line from Michelle Obama, for the first time in my life, I’m proud to be a woman. I’m no feminist and I abhor identity politics, which tend to divide instead of unite. But seeing Sarah Palin yesterday stirred feelings I never knew I had. I couldn’t help but contrast her with Hillary.Consider: Hillary has spent her whole life in the quest for power. | Read More »

    Republican History-Making

    I’ve been waiting for just the right time to blog about my views on the presidential race. After yesterday’s announcement, I now have that perfect moment. Let me tell you, Oprah Winfrey, if I had been wearing eyelashes, I would have probably cried mine off too! (I’m an au naturel kind of girl myself.) Grinning ear-to-ear, tears welling in my eyes, I silently listened to | Read More »

    In America GDP Should = C + g + I

    Denver area journalist David Harsanyi deserves a double screwdriver. He’s watched far more of this week’s mile high kabuki dance than anyone with an abundance of cabal TV channels and a normal life should logically have to stomach. Not only that, he’s actually paid attention. To go one further, he’s read between the lines.

    The Sobbing Clinton Supporter

    Yesterday, virtually any of you who listened to talk radio at all must have heard the CNN interview with a distressed Hillary supporter after the primetime speech at the convention. One thing that particularly struck me was the woman’s insistence that Hillary was going to give us the jobs and the economy we deserve. Every time I get wobbly on the entitlement state (because I’m | Read More »

    HOPE! We call it Home Clinton!!

    Bill Clinton claims we are a Nation of Hope. I disagree and say we are a Nation of Homes, all ready established and hope is for the losers who need direction, like the democrats keep pushing the weak power hungry Messiah, tax hungry egotistic want everything socialist. We all want change but not at the expense of our most valuable freedom, US.

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    Obama is the “negative” candidate

    The most effective thing that can be done to reach the disenfranchised Clintonistas and the Independents besides nominating Palin as McCain’s veep is to show Obama for the negative candidate that he is. Portraying the GOP candidates as “negative” or “corrupt” has become standard playbook material for the Democrats, and Obama is getting away with it.The Clintonistas slow to return to the party and refrain | Read More »

    New McCain Ad: “Why Not Hillary”(To be released 3:00 AM Sunday)

    Wow, McCain campaign is getting very agile…New McCain Ad Uses Clinton Attacks No sooner had Barack Obama publicly announced his new running mate had John McCain’s campaign produced an attack ad asking: Why not Hillary? “Passed Over” will hit the airwaves at (you guessed it) 3 a.m. Sunday. The timing is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s national security ad during the Democratic primary and the | Read More »

    Time to bring the disaffected Clintonistas to our side

    Now, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault that Obama has screwed this up so badly. Obama’s last great chance to mend fences with the Clintonistas was to pick Clinton as veep. Or at least another woman that would ratify the “historic” importance of this year for the feminists who wanted to see the glass ceiling broken at the top of the political world. Its not Biden’s | Read More »

    Some in Clinton circle ‘outraged’

    This is good.Some in Clinton circle ‘outraged’ “Set aside that Obama said she’d be on anybody’s short list, set aside anybody’s feelings on whether she was deliberately snubbed and the pros and cons of whether it should be her,” a former Clinton strategist told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “Focus on the politics of it and you have about a quarter of Clinton loyalists still not joining | Read More »

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    McCain has won if Obama snubbed Hillary to this extent

    If the following report from the Politico is true, and for all we know Obama could disprove it with his announcement, the presidential election is game, set, match: There’s one Democrat who would seem to have little or no chance of being picked by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to be his running mate – his former opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). But it’s not | Read More »

    Embrace a surprising pick, Hillary Clinton

    With Obama’s numbers in rapid decline, this scenario is very REAL… Remember Obama has ZERO principal whatsoever, and he is an ultimate poll-whore, I’m pretty sure his pollsters know his major problem: democratic base voters.http://www.thenextright.com/soren-dayton/bipartisan-vp-thoughts Really only one thought on the Dems: Perhaps Patrick was right. A very good source is telling me that multiple DNC members have told him that Hillary is the person. | Read More »

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    Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s brother backing John McCain?

    Local Clinton backers, McCain adviser meet A brother of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and local Democrats who backed her unsuccessful presidential campaign socialized privately Monday with a top surrogate of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.) The private gathering featured Carly Fiorina, Mr. McCain’s top economic adviser, and took place at the Dunmore home of political consultant Jamie Brazil, a longtime | Read More »

    Ouch! Now Obama’s getting it from his flank

    Michael Goodwin is hardly a right wing sympathizer by any stretch of the imagination. He, however, in his interpretation how Team Obama got steamrolled by the Clintons, hit the nail on the head for what is the greater problem revealed by the outcome of the Clinton/Obama convention face-off. An unsettling premonition of what to expect under a potential Obama presidency. With regard to how Obama | Read More »

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