Conservative Marching Order 2010.

    This is it. 2010 and the MID-TERM ELECTIONS are right around the corner in political terms. We need to pay VERY close attention to everything that transpires this year and we cannot for one split second take anything for granted. There are some do’s and don’ts out there that we should keep foremost in our minds as the swelling tsunami of the American Conservative movement | Read More »

    Security It Isn’t – Lethal It Will Be.

    ANOTHER magnificent performance by those masters of ineptitude in the White House and the Obama administration. I asked how in blazes the almost-successful skivvy bomber had not been placed on a terrorist and no-fly list (“It’s a Brave New World” Dec 27, 2009) given that his own father, a highly placed and influential Nigerian banker, had contacted US authorities (it now turns out to be | Read More »

    It’s been going on for decades, but it’s nation-ending dangerous.

    Hi and Merry Christmas to you and your families. I am currently “under orders” from my friend Lt. Col. Allen West, US-A, Ret. (Cand. FL-22) that after this posting, I am on a Christmas Day ‘stand-down’.  I will willingly and gladly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the man at any time, any place, mortal danger included, so I’m going to adhere to his request and unless some | Read More »

    How to Accept a Poorly Wrapped Present

    If it has been a while since you were a child waiting for Christmas morning, or whatever time of day the parental green light was given for the opening of presents, you may be a little out of touch with the true magnitude of this event. For most kids, Christmas is a magical time of both gift giving and gift receiving. This holiday event has | Read More »

    End of the Republic

    The Gracchi (Gracchus Brothers), Tiberius and Gaius, moved the Roman Republic the same way Clinton and Obama are moving the republican form of government of the United States.  The Gracchi moved power from the representative body to an executive body thus hampering legislative power and enhancing executive perogative.  This power shift, for the Romans it was land, so castrated the legislative body as to eventually end | Read More »

    Obama Still Voting ‘Present’

    Before he left for his Asia vacation trip, President Barack Husein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) scheduled a ‘jobs summit’ for next month. Since he’s been president, Mr. Obama has had many summits. He’s had a ‘beer summit’ to cure race relations, a Health care summit to solve health care, a stimulus summit, and a fiscal responsibility summit. What have these summits produced? Short answer: nothing. Long answer: great | Read More »

    America’s “Good Governance” Hypocrisy

    Our President and Secretary of State and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are all jumping on record today praising President Hamid Karzai’s decision to support a run-off election in Afghanistan next month. The current round of back slapping is in support of Washington’s goal of bringing governmental reform to Afghanistan, but the campaign to reform the governments of everyone else in the world is a | Read More »


    President Barack Obama trots around like he doesn’t have a care in the world. He is the quintessential Liberal, blowing through people’s lives like a Federal Emergency Grant, leaving nothing but confusion and chaos behind with nothing to show for it, most especially accountable results. It’s Ali Baba and the Legion of Thieves…and every bit as mythical.                                                                                                                                                    It’s the recovery that ISN’T and jobs that | Read More »

    Honduras kicks out the trash, and Obama goes dumpster diving to protect it.

    Honduras Projection: The State Department is truly just another Obama propaganda ministry. In a statement released today, the State Department said this: “The Department of State recognizes the complicated nature of the actions which led to June 28 coup d’etat in which Honduras’ democratically elected leader, President Zelaya, was removed from office. These events involve complex factual and legal questions and the participation of both | Read More »

    Obama Appoints Virginity Czar

    President Obama has appointed former President Bill Clinton to the newly created post of “Virginity Czar of the United States of America.” In announcing the appointment, President Obama said: “There are millions of women in this Country who are sick and tired of virginity, but have had no way out other than committed and often complicated relationships. Now, finally, thanks to the kind of “Change” | Read More »

    Caught Flat-Footed – A Time-Line

    “The Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing is likely to be freed on compassionate grounds next week, the BBC understands.” August 13th 2009 And so the saga began. Scottish officials floated the trial balloon of freeing the lone convicted murderer of the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people. While Conservative MP’s called for hearings, the Gordon Brown Labour government did nothing. They could feel | Read More »

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Bill Clinton flies off to North Korea to seal the deal on the release of the two American “journalists” that wandered into North Korea, and BHO brings birthday cupcakes to the 89 year old cupcake Helen Thomas. What’s wrong with this picture? Could it be that Bill Clinton actually looked presidential as he walked off the plane, all somber and steady of foot? As opposed | Read More »

    No Dictator Left Behind

    On the foreign policy front, Abu Hussein’s administration has dispatched the Mideast envoy to make contact with the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Fearing that autocrat would feel left out of unconditional talks with sponsors of terror, the Obama administration announced all parties are welcome to bomb to their hearts content as long as they promised to like Obama personally. Terrorist groups across the Middle East | Read More »

    A fresh hardline approach on North Korea from Obama

    Could he take any tougher of a stance than this? It looks like he’ll try to teach North Korea a severe lesson by begging them to please stop being so bad if we give them lots and lots of money. The Obama administration is consulting with allies on a new “comprehensive package” of incentives aimed at persuading North Korea to abandon its nuclear programs, senior | Read More »

    Now Hillary is on an apology tour

    It’s only fair given her boss’s approach that she should say things like this when visiting Mumbai. “We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States, and we along with other developed countries have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with climate change,” she said. “We are hoping a great country like India will not make | Read More »