No pardons for tea stains on Bill’s picture of Dorian Gray

    Not much of an audience for accepting responsibility for McVeigh’s mass murder in Arkansas, so I’ll come to Chappequa after we merge tea partiers and the EIB network with the FALN Do my eyes and ears deceive me, but does Bill Clinton seem to be actually celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing as some sort of second President’s Day in honor of the | Read More »

    The Clintons and Their Psychopathic Fundraiser

    I’m not quick to throw stones at political associations. Almost all politicians have some loons that support them. It’s beyond their scope and ability to investigate every single donor, supporter and voter. That being said, the case of Thanos Papalexis is too sensational to ignore. All that we know right now is that Papalexis threw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, but when a bona fide | Read More »


    The Byzantine Nature of the Diplomatic Disaster with North Korea: The Kims, The Clintons, and Obama

    To begin: keep in mind that the North Korean government does nothing “nice” unless they have been offered a bribe.  So what did they receive, or at least hope to gain, from releasing the 2 journalists? News reports have detailed that the North Koreans specifically requested (demanded?) Bill Clinton as a negotiator: this alone gives them the appearance of equivalence with a superpower.  For Clinton, | Read More »

    Lukewarm spue at Foggy Bottom clears 2012 field

    By Mike “gamecock” DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner for The Left now controls all levers of national power in Washington and has no more need for triangulators that delayed the vesting of their birthright. The worshippers wanting to bring back ’68 have hated Bill Clinton since the 1995 State of the Union that declared the | Read More »

    Clinton to Meet With Obama

    No further evidence of the sinking like a (Ba)rack Obama campaign is this upcoming sit down with the don of the Dems, Bill Clinton. I started out scratching my head on this one but then the lightbulb went off and it made perfect sense. On current course and speed Obama probably stands to lose by a Dukakisian margin. Bill has the one wild card that | Read More »

    Humor Break: Jib-Jab Strikes Again

    We take our hits, but the section on Obama is a hoot! The Clinton parts are pretty funny, too. They’re giving Johnny Mac the old Bob Dole treatment. Which of course you know they would. The jib-jab guys are marketing this as a sendable e-card with interactive features. This tech stuff just gets cooler and cooler! link to jib-jab sendable card

    The Clinton Machine’s Motor Still Whining Away

    Just when we thought Hillary had finally come to grips with her devastating loss to Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries, this video of Hillary spiked the curiosity meter and suggested that she may not yet willing to raise the white flag. (I would post only the video images if I knew how) Perhaps “conincidently” (and perhaps not), Bill Clinton’s recent comments in an interview | Read More »