Barack Hussein Obama

    Barack Hussein has been on a long leave of absence for over 20 years, or maybe he suffers from amnesia or early Alzheimers and yet America is willing to gamble on a “dark horse” an “unknown” as President of our United States. This man’s cup is empty, his life a mystery and the Liberal News Media are scrambling to hide his many secrets, because they | Read More »

    Dishonest CNN factcheck II

    In another CNN “factcheck”, they tested the veracity of this Joe Biden statement:”…our commanding general in Afghanistan said the surge principle in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan.”CNN judged Biden’s statement to be “true”, but it’s not true. The drive-bys at CNN don’t understand the difference between a surge in forces and the surge strategy. Surge strategy = counterinsurgency strategy. The surge in forces is | Read More »

    Dishonest CNN factcheck

    As I wrote here, Joe Biden was being less than honest when he said Obama would never meet with Iranian president Ahmadinejad without preconditions in the first year of his presidency. In a “factcheck”, CNN shows that they’re in the bag for Obama by parsing “leader” and “president”. Newsflash. President Ahmadinejad is an Iranian leader and the country’s highest elected official. Whether he is the | Read More »

    Good Grief, CNN is performing oral pleasure on the Obama Campaign

    CNN has sent a reporter to the Alaskan island 2 miles from Russia.The whole point is to mock her for her comments on foreign policy and Russia. “She’s never even been here,” CNN’s reporter says.”In fact, no one feels any threat from Russia being as close to them as the White House is from the US. Capitol,” he says.How many hours have they spent on | Read More »

    Another Blatant Bias (CNN website)

    CNN PoliticalTickerFirst, read the quotes of what John McCain said and compare to the title of this article. Note that nowhere in the quotes does John McCain say that Sarah Palin is or could be the next Reagan or Clinton. McCain is saying is that we have had Presidents who came from being state Governors and were underestimated by the media at the time because | Read More »

    Whoa Senator Obama

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Senator Obama’s leadership ability is minus 10. He can’t even take time out to help his Democratic Party or fellow Americans during this economic slump. His buddies are praising him for his support and gibberish about bipartisanship, but 93 fellow Democrats stood up today and said, “No” to Pelosi and Obama. Way to go Democrats! What’s | Read More »

    Shame on CNN

    CNN should be ashamed of the way they are following the Presidential Campaign. They blatantly present the Democratic propaganda and even have the nerve to publish polls that were primarily Democratic participants. Why would they feel committed to conduct such a childish poll? It’s apparent that the “big dogs” at CNN have their hands in the hip pocket of the Democratic camp and that in | Read More »

    CNN Poll says something different

    I don’t know what the traffic stats are for CNN vs. Redstate or other right wing blogs.A CNN poll hands the first debate to Obama.”Fifty-one percent of those polled thought Obama did the better job in Friday night’s debate, while 38 percent said John McCain did better.Men were nearly evenly split between the two candidates, with 46 percent giving the win to McCain and 43 | Read More »

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    You’ve got to be kidding….

    ….tonight.American owned press is giving an entire hour of airtime to evil.EVIL interviewedThis is tantamount to treason as far as I’m concerned. An whole friggin’ hour talking to this Islam-Fascist nutjub who is open about turning Israel into a nuclear wasteland and thinks of us as the Great Satan….and then uses the Great Satan’s airwaves to spew his evil filth……utterly unthinkable.Isn’t there any way we | Read More »

    Sounds like Obama give this guy a script.

    Please go read this. Would someone like to counter this? Pretty boys on TV are saying this crap. Sounds like Obama give this guy a script. Partial-CNN: What should the candidates be saying? Zakaria: I think [Barack] Obama is closer to being correct on this. John McCain rails against greed but you can’t outlaw greed. Very few people broke any rules. The problem is the | Read More »

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    It must be cold in the liberal’s alternate reality

    You know who you are. You are LYING to US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dirty, corrupt SOBs!”Chuck Todd is LYING!MSNBC is LYING!CNN is LYING!ABC is LYING!CBS is LYING!Wallstreet Journal is LYING!USA Today is LYING!And the polls…?GALLUP IS LYING!RASMUSSEN IS LYING!THERE IS NO TIE! This is a fabrication. This is an illusion. This is a fairytale.”For real! What will happen when this poor soul realizes he’s been in a | Read More »

    Just another minor but telling example of deliberate media bias

    Glanced over at CNN, and their lead story on their home page, complete with photo of Barack Obama, was as follows: Obama: Being American is blessing, responsibility America became a great country because of its people, Sen. Barack Obama said Thursday night at a Time-sponsored forum on national service. “It is a great blessing that we’ve received,” he said. “It is also a responsibility … | Read More »

    Campbell Brown: CNNs Rachel Maddow with a Pretty Face

    Campbell Brown just finished another edition of CNN’s new “No Bias, No Bull” campaign ’08 reportage. The first half she spent reviewing every historical incident where the term “lipstick on a pig” was used, arguing that Barack Obama is being persecuted by the Mccain campaign. The second half she turned to her “reporter on the ground” in Anchorage, who gushed a whole pile of bias | Read More »

    On the use of Newspaper Headlines as Political Weapons

    The Washington Post’s front pager about Sarah Palin’s per diem expenditure for her upkeep as Governor of Alaska demonstrates one of the Left-Wing news media’s (especially print media) most disingenuous and corrupt practices – the use of newspaper headlines (and often, ledes) as a sort of push-poll mechanism against political foes. If any set of people should know the power of words to convey deeper | Read More »

    Campbell Brown: CNN Equal Opportunity Smearer-in-chief

    Noone can say that CNN’s new effort to be the ‘fair and balanced’ news source of record isn’t succeeding. Campbell Brown just spent the first half of her show ‘exposing’ all the lobbyists surrounding John McCain (in order to ‘prove’ that Obama’s claim was in fact correct. (She calls this segment “No Bias, No Bull”, after CNN’s new slogan). While she could have spent the | Read More »