Kevin Lundberg (R-CAND, CO-02)

    One of the few things that most of us have agreed upon during this Presidential election cycle is the need to continue to improve Congress. We know that even if the best conservative candidate is elected he’ll need a solid conservative Congress to accomplish real reforms. And if we end up with a re-elected Obama, we’ll still need a solid conservative Congress to thwart his | Read More »

    Rep Jared Polis (D, CO-02) swamped at not-town hall.

    Expected 30 at a sidewalk coffee place: got several hundred. A few things to note: No SEIU on hand, so everything stayed peaceful. CO-02 is D+11 and includes the city of Boulder. They haven’t elected a Republican Congressman there since the 1970s. A front line in the 2010 election wars, it isn’t. Man, but there are a lot of ticked-off old people out there who | Read More »