Respiration Restrictive Job Initiative

    CO2 is not just a natural result of the respiration process, but CO2 could hold the answer to jumpstarting the job market as well as providing a faltering world economy with reinforcements for the future. Obama, presenting excess CO2 as an environmentally friendly vehicle to improve the economy, could help skeptical Americans see the error in dismissing global warming hype and persuade national capitulation to | Read More »

    Apocalypse Cow!

    On Sunday, we learned that one of the best things we can do for Mother Gaia is to keep the sizes of our families at a minimum. In the final analysis, a human being is nothing more than a CO2 generator on legs. Today’s lesson in Saving the Planet comes from Britain, where the Lord High Poo-Bah of Climate Change, Lord Stern of Brentford, has | Read More »

    Know Your Emission Recognition

    Our planet has contracted a virus worse than H1N1, worse than the plague, even worse than Global Warming or the more flexible Climate Change. Our planet has contracted a bad case of stupidity, and it’s going to get us all killed*. For years we have heard that Global warming is going to drown us all as the glaciers melt and the seas rise. For years | Read More »

    CO2 Sequestration – What could go wrong?

    Risks to underground drinking water from improperly managed carbon dioxide sequestration projects can include CO2 migration into the water table, causing leaching and mobilization of contaminants (such as arsenic, lead and salt), the EPA said. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is evaluating the potential for leakage of sequestered CO2 to mobilize trace elements of contaminants such as arsenic, barium, cadmium, mercury, lead, antimony, selenium, zinc, and | Read More »

    FLUSH and PAY: Is It CO2 Late for US?

    When I found out that the EPA is expected to regulate carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere I couldn’t help but contemplate the potential for the American public being given another opportunity to participate in government generated gratuitousness. Once again as a nation we can occupy ourselves with a sacrificial initiative to rectify a problem plaguing not only our nation, but the greater global brotherhood | Read More »

    Did administration suppress internal EPA report challenging CO2 “endangerment”?

    This could turn out to be interesting. With the public’s belief in CO2-driven global warming cooling as fast as the earth has been for the last few years, the Left is desperate to enact their cap-and-trade tax while the “gettin is still good”.  Even Australia is backing off their cap and trade plans a bit. So I guess it should come as no surprise, that | Read More »

    The Delusional Effect

    For Hanson, everything that happens is due to the release of CO2 by human beings. For Stannard, everything that happens in the world is due to the release of CO2 by his lord and master, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Read More »

    Is man-made CO2 causing global cooling!?

    Record-breaking low temperatures and snowfalls recorded this fall have dramatically punctuated the data showing unprecedented evidence of cooling not equaled in many areas for over a century. Unsympathetic thermometers, snow accumulation, and other incongruences humorously challenge the seriousness of global warming groups as winter power outages, snowfall, and frigid temperatures preempt their symposiums and conferences. These are not isolated cases of freak fronts or other | Read More »

    Apollo 7’s, Walt Cunningham speaks out on man’s contribution(?) to global warming.

    Launch Magazine’s July-August issue features a piece by the famous Apollo 7 astronaut, Walt Cunningham. There are excellent correlations between the regular fluctuations of the Sun and the Earth’s temperature, while scientists cannot find a relationship between industrial activity, energy consumption, and global temperatures. But global warming is an issue no longer being decided in the scientific arena. I’ve noticed over the past several months, | Read More »

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