Coal Guy on Fox: You do realize that Obama called for the destruction of my industry, right?

    (Via Hot Air) OCA President Mike Casey gently tries to explain why the coal industry is freaking out about Senator Obama right now: It’s because he works for the coal industry, you see, and when you get told that one of the Presidential candidates for President is on the record for being in favor of gutting your industry – which supplies, again, roughly half of | Read More »

    FOXNEWS’ Neil Cavuto suggests on show Obama’s “coal comments” could cost him OH, and PA

    Today on FOXNEWS’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” he suggested that Obama’s recent coal comment regarding the possible bankrupting of the industry along with other electric companies. He chose to single out Ohio and Pennsylvania as potential loses because of these comments and the heavily impact the industry has there. Then he put up a screen showing that voters in Indiana, Virginia, and possibily West | Read More »

    National Mining Association Responds

    November 3, 2008 NMA Comments on Senator Obama’s Coal Policy National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn today responded to comments Senator Obama reportedly made in a January 17 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. In response to a question, the senator said his climate change policy would “bankrupt” U.S. coal: “Bankrupting the coal industry would be tantamount to bankrupting the American economy. | Read More »

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    A Healthy Trend in Pennsylvania

    I can’t tell you who’s going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow, but it seems rather likely that whoever takes the state is probably going to win the White House as well. And if you’re the McCain campaign, the direction of the polls in the state seems to be pretty clear: Take a look at the most recent polls in Pennsylvania: Rasmussen shows McCain shaving a point | Read More »

    Beyond the Miners, How About People That Use Coal Fired Electricity

    Map of coal fired electrical plants Co, NM very heavily dependent on coal fired plants. So are VA, NC, NH, OH, MO, IL, IN. People in these states need to think about the impact on their lives if Coal fired electric rates double or triple over the next 8 years.

    Obama’s Wish To Bankrupt Coal Could Push This to Landslide

    This page shows a map of where coal is produced in this country: Page With Map Of Coal Prodcution Notice the following overlaps: SE & Central PA WV OH IN IL ND CO NM MO ETC. This Coal Mine Employees by State shows average number of employees in the mines by state. Upwards of 81,000 add family you get 120-160000 potential votes to swing. This | Read More »

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    Ohio Coal Association Responds To Obama’s Comments

    Promoted from diaries, with a video of the original gutting announcement below the fold. – Moe Lane Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association, issued a devastating response to the Obama audiotape today. He states: “Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster | Read More »

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    Looking At Obama’s Plan To Bankrupt the Coal Industry

    Thanks to some good investigative work by NewsBusters, we now have the audio of a January, 2008 interview that Barack Obama gave to the San Francisco Chronicle in which he says he plans to bankrupt the coal industry and the majority of America’s electrical power generation. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have views about coal which should concern all Americans but which represent very | Read More »

    CNN Spins Obama Wanting to Bankrupt Coal Industry as Old News

    In reporting the speech by Gov. Sarah Palin in Ohio today, CNN’s Political Ticker tried to spin her question about Obama’s coal comment as old news when it clearly isn’t. Palin asked why we are just now finding out about the interview where Barack Obama said he had hoped to bankrupt the coal industry but CNN termed this interview and Obama’s startling admission as “months-old | Read More »

    Think Bankrupting Coal Energy Production Won’t Affect You – Guess Again.

    If you are a tree hugger in San Francisco and think that it is good strategy to impose carbon taxes large enough to make production of coal fired energy impractical here is the future you will face. Currently, we produce 49% of all electricity used in the U.S from coal. Under Obama’s plan, with huge taxes imposed on the greenhouse gases emitted from coal, your | Read More »

    The Washington Times: Today’s Headlines — Nov. 3, 2008 Calls slam Obama in coal countryCandidates target Pennsylvania, Ohio Federal budget deficit to balloon Entitlement spending set to soar to mind-boggling heights Outside groups pump in cash for McCain Obama leads; margin not clear TV networks battle FCC indecency rules ‘Fleeting expletives’ revive debate BREITBART: An Election Day Note: Thanks, President Bush DAVIS: Time for grand coalition government | Read More »

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    Coal Workers Unite!

    Obama wants to kill the industry! Obama plans to “bankrupt” those electric companies that use coal and with it coal producers. Contact your friends who are in the coal industry, have UNION workers call to ask United Mine Workers to drop Obama endorsement. Make sure when they call to specify their local union number and which union they belong to (Unions only listen to their | Read More »


    Obama’s Coal Industry Gutting Initiative: the transcript.

    To follow up my earlier post about how Obama is lying to somebody about planning to gut the coal industry… Jake Tapper, who is on the short list of journalists who will be ending this election with their honor essentially intact, has gotten a response from the Obama campaign. It’s about what you’d expect: the statement’s wildly taken out of context, Barack Obama loves coal | Read More »

    Coal States: Vote McCain, or against your economic interests. Your call.

    Via Constant Reader Pentagon16 we see this video and Hot Air post about Obama, coal plants, and how the former will smother the creation of the latter if he ever gets the chance: If you’re working on GOTV for Colorado or Pennsylvania, by all means: pass that along to people. Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, too – just to be on the safe side.

    Obama states he will bankrupt Coal Industry

    Breaking in the last few hours, an interview Obama gave to the San Francisco Gate nearly a year ago. He states categorically that new coal plants will be bankrupted through his social engineering policies.. Pass along to everyone you know in Pennsyvlania, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.