The Trump Coalition Is A Well-Laid Trap

    The Trump Coalition Is A Well-Laid Trap

    Donald Trump has been bragging for weeks now about how he has been bringing new voters into the GOP in order to vote for him. It’s what’s helped him win many states, and it’s what’s helped him regain momentum after an embarrassing Saturday. However, in the long run, the strategy is meaningless. Democrats crossing over to vote for Trump and liberal independents registering to vote | Read More »

    Building a Coalition Out of Chaos

    Building a Coalition Out of Chaos

    It’s hard for me to even calculate the amount of words that have been used to debate the merits of defund vs delay vs some other strategy.  The amount of energy complaining about Ted Cruz or the amount of flyers calling for John Boehner’s head have reached apocalyptic proportions .  Truly things are a mess.  And no doubt, each faction believes some other faction is | Read More »

    In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s only the USA left in Iraq

    The last few Romanian, Australian, and British troops are now gone from Iraq, so we have the only outside troops there now. Some British sailors are in Kuwait and could return, but for now they seem to be personae non gratae. With these skills as a spinmeister, I’m guessing this Colonel is bucking to get a star in Obama’s Army. “We haven’t lost our international | Read More »

    You’re Both Wrong

    Much has been said about the last couple of elections, the most recent one being analyzed from every conceivable angle. Of these analyses, the ones I hear most often have to do with the pro-life platform. On one side are the Rockefeller Republicans, who believe that the platform is too rigid, and thereby excludes moderates from participating with the Party who would otherwise identify more | Read More »

    The Audacity of Patience

    The hard left, I must say, has shown remarkable patience in light of the middle ground the Obama Administration-In-Waiting has cautiously taken since election day. Oh, there’s been some grumbling about all the Clintonistas the O-Team is stocking the executive branch with, The One’s realization that perhaps it might be best to let the Bush tax cuts simply expire rather than repeal them during a | Read More »

    We will win by moving right, not left

    I could not disagree more with the proposition that they way the GOP will resurrect itself is in moving left. This will not work for several (I would think) very obvious reasons: “Moderate” Republicans got completely obliterated this year. I mean, annihilated. The last New England GOP rep, Rep. Shays, has been defeated. The northeastern GOP states tried the moderate GOP strategy and it has | Read More »