Cleveland Jewish News Smears Rob Portman

    UPDATE: Cleveland Jewish News has changed the headline. It now reads: “State reps urge Portman to sever ties over group’s “Nazi” posting” See? That is the kind of power this blog wields … I wasn’t planning on writing on this issue (I have little time to write as it is) but when Leon pointed out this headline on Red Hot I felt compelled to post: | Read More »

    Jennifer Brunner… desperate or on a roll?

    You guys are probably tired of hearing me yap about Jennifer Brunner. But I can’t help it. Every time I calm down her name somehow arises from the bad nut of the ACORN tree and gets me agitated again. For those of you who don’t know (God forbid) who she is, she is the notorious Secretary of State in Ohio, who was put into office | Read More »