Video of Erick, Colbert-and-MoJo Style

    Okay, I’ve waited all day for Erick to be a self-promoting blowhard, and it seems that he’s not gonna do it.  So darnitall, I’m gonna do it for him.  Here is our lovable fuzzball himself on Colbert: And here, in a longer segment, is the same fuzzball making an appearance on this morning’s edition of Morning Joe: Awriiiiiiight.

    Overnight Open Thread

    was ambivalent on my Colbert Report performance, but that the left has gone insane over it suggests it went well.One leftist twittered that being in HD gave her a better view of where to put the bullet in my head.Ah, feel the love.Consider this an open thread.

    Popular culture beginning to glare at the Democrats over F/F.

    Via Allahpundit we see the Colbert Report half-putting out our campaign ads for us: A pity that they think that it’s a pity that they can’t blame it on Bush, and the McCain house crack was lame, but nice to see that our paltry efforts aren’t totally in vain, no?