Video of Erick, Colbert-and-MoJo Style

    Okay, I’ve waited all day for Erick to be a self-promoting blowhard, and it seems that he’s not gonna do it.  So darnitall, I’m gonna do it for him.  Here is our lovable fuzzball himself on Colbert: And here, in a longer segment, is the same fuzzball making an appearance on this morning’s edition of Morning Joe: Awriiiiiiight.

    Overnight Open Thread

    I was ambivalent on my Colbert Report performance, but that the left has gone insane over it suggests it went well.One leftist twittered that being in HD gave her a better view of where to put the bullet in my head.Ah, feel the love.Consider this an open thread.

    Popular culture beginning to glare at the Democrats over F/F.

    Via Allahpundit we see the Colbert Report half-putting out our campaign ads for us: A pity that they think that it’s a pity that they can’t blame it on Bush, and the McCain house crack was lame, but nice to see that our paltry efforts aren’t totally in vain, no?