Colin Powel on MTP

    Where is GOP response to him calling party a bunch of racists. Where is Tim Scott reminding voters that the GOP ended Slavery and reminding said voters the Dems are party of KKK?Where is Susan Martinez asking about lack of Democratic Hispanic Governors. I just had good friend who is Republican, but low information voter Rush keeps mentioning tell me he saw Lincoln and did | Read More »

    Colin Powell Is Now Officially (And Always Has Been..Is This Better?)A Tool Of Obama

    Got a tweet today that Colin Powell was announcing the unveiling of I looked at the site and decided to check the registrant. It tuns out that it is Blue State Digital.  This is the same shop running MYBO and  Obama is not happy with the 13 million e-mail addresses (mostly liberal), now he has to try to gather Republican ( squishy) e-mails | Read More »