Mandatory Voluntary Service, Now With Compensation!

    In the days following the Presidential election, the Obama team quickly made a transition from campaigning to running some terribly nebulous Office of the President-Elect. On this website, our Dear Leader-Elect proposed a term of mandatory civilian service for high school and college students, perhaps as some odd form of payment for their fervent support of him during his near half-term presidential campaign. The proceeding | Read More »

    Professor Obama’s angst-ladened college road show

    I was impressed, as many have been, with the artistry of the Obama campaign posters. Yet, apart from the overall artistry, something bothers me about the theme: the strong monochromes, the use of a single over-hyped word with little real meaning, Obama looking off in the distance like – like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che. These posters seem so familiar. They look an awful lot like | Read More »

    College Students Debate

    Today I got into a debate with one of my friends on the current election in between my classes. In the end of the conversation, that I just had to walk away from, was he saying that every fact that came out of my mouth was not true nor would he believe it. Well, I can’t win with someone who creates their own reality. These | Read More »

    Intimidation At IU

    My daughter called from Indiana University last night. She told me that she is afraid to vote because she is afraid to go near the polling place. She is not a wimp, but the Obama supporters have been “in her face” telling her that she has to vote for Obama. She has been intimidated and threatened. My daughter’s friends who support Senator McCain have not, | Read More »

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    Voter Registration Drive from “Students for Obama”

    Being a professor, I guess I wound up on some mailing list. Thought I’d share it, and ask if McCain is doing anything like this? It seems like they are covering their legal bases with partisan messages in class, but I doubt that will be hidden if some of my colleagues follow though. Not sure how to quote/indent, so I’ll just copy/paste. “Dear Professor: My | Read More »

    The Electoral College – Unnecessary Anachronism?

    In 1787 the Constitutional Convention approved the electoral college proposal. This system was created to put some distance between the masses and the levers of electoral power. This hybrid system preserves some measure of power to the several states in that they are viewed as distinct units, not merely arbitrary borders that contain population centers. As such, a candidate focuses on the state’s interests as | Read More »

    Can Obama lose popular vote, yet win Electoral College?

    Dems are positively giddy about the prospect of winning a squeaker in the Electoral College, whilst losing the actual popular vote. Posters on Kos were discussing this as “revenge” for the 2000 Electoral College outcome. The most recent “poll of polls” shows McCain up bu a point or two in the general election. However, RCP shows that were the election held today, Obama would secure | Read More »

    Shout out to all Redstate College Football Fans

    I have started a free college football pool …Speciallist’s Weekly college football pool…Please send me an email to the speciallist and I will send you a link to get signed up…TOTALLY FREE

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