Colo. High School Suspends Marine Drill Team Member Over Fake Guns

    Another Example of How Liberals Destroy This Country We often call them “our best and brightest.” They are the men and women of our armed forces, all volunteers putting their lives on the line to defend our nation. Some of our most able and trustworthy leaders have come from their ranks. In times of need their sacrifice is cause for us to well with pride | Read More »

    Bob Bacon Tries to Make Transparency Disappear

    Colorado Republican Senator Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch introduced a bill during the current Senate session that would require schools in the State to put their checkbooks online. Budget and spending transparency has been a hot issue for the past couple of years, and after it came to light that the Jeffco School District spent money on Carnival cruise tickets, constituents are demanding it. State Senator | Read More »

    Getting Connected in Colorado [Updated]

    Updated with new Conservative Colorado Radio section, Google group and blogroll additions. Political activism is more than waxing philosophical and eviscerating politicians on blog sites and broadcast email messages. Real political activism is hard, time-consuming, and often boring, repetitive work. It means going to city council, county supervisor, and school board meetings. It’s walking precincts, making phone calls, and attending local political meetings. It also | Read More »

    Internal Dem Strife Over Card Check?

    Amanda Carpenter has the story: A reputable source tells Big Labor is “in a panic” because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn’t ready to call up a vote on the Employee Free Choice Act, known as “card check” to its opponents.

    When is a Hiring Freeze not a Hiring Freeze?

    When it’s a government hiring freeze, of course. H/T to Back in September of 2008, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter announced a statewide hiring freeze in an effort to deal with a mounting state budget shortfall. Investigative reporter Jessica Fender of The Denver Post reports that the governor’s office estimates that it has frozen 463 spots and has saved the state $12 million. Yet her | Read More »

    An Ordinary Man

    An ordinary man lost his life in Iraq this past Saturday. Staff Sgt. Justin Bauer, 24, of Berthoud, Colorado, was killed by an explosion near his patrol. He was a husband, a son, and a brother. He was a standout lineman and wrestler for Berthoud High School only a few years ago. I’m a Jr. High and High School football referee, and I see ordinary | Read More »

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    Anti-Terror Rally to Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense

    Promoted by Jeff. This is a great opportunity to engage in local activism. Another is this protest in the Bay Area, which is being planned apposite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’ coming visit. -JE On December 27, 2008, Israel began defensive attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been attacking Israel with multiple daily rockets sent into their cities, even though both sides had | Read More »

    Another Forty Years Wandering in the Wilderness

    Colorado Republicans have taken a severe beating over the past four years. During this time, the following elected government entities went from Republican to Democrat control. * Governor (2006) * State Senate (2004) * State House (2004) * Both U.S. Senators (2004, 2008) * 3 U.S. House seats (2004, 2008) In addition, in 2008, for the first time since 1992, Colorado’s electoral votes went to | Read More »

    Liberty On The Rocks

    This Wednesday night, Jan 7, 2009, at 7pm I will be at the Uptown Tavern in downtown Denver to meet with other like-minded people who support limited government at Liberty On The Rocks. What is this Liberty On The Rocks, you ask? They meet on the first and third Wednesday nights of the month. This would be a great opportunity for Colorado RedStaters to get | Read More »

    Taking Technology to the Next Level: Officially Launches

    Conservative voices all over the internet have been engaged in a discussion of the future of technology in the Republican party. [One such piece is the one put up by David Hinz earlier today.] With that in mind, I want to echo the statement of Tim Goddard over at The Next Right: Only when technology is put to the pursuit of specific goals and in | Read More »

    Salazar for Interior, and Salazar for Senate.

    Via the Denver Post (and Hot Air) it’s being reported that Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado is looking likely for Secretary of the Interior: U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar is a leading contender to become President-elect Barack Obama’s Interior secretary, two sources have confirmed. Reuters News Service used even stronger language in a report Sunday, saying Salazar had become the top candidate for the job. Alas, | Read More »

    Boulder Liberals Against Choice

    Education Choice, that is. The State of Colorado released the School Accountability Report this week. Four of the top five high schools are charter schools, including Fort Collins’ Ridgeview Classical School which came in at number three with a score of 2.33. Eight of the top ten middle schools were also charter schools, including Liberty Common School in Fort Collins. Both of these schools have | Read More »

    Heroes at Home

    I’ve always been a big fan of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. My first career was in the field of architecture, so I was a construction geek before I became a computer geek. The show has featured more than one military family, and Sears has been a big part of that. This year, Sears is collecting money to distribute to military families for Christmas (in | Read More »

    Getting Local: Government Oversight.

    A few weeks ago, Moe gave us a challenge to “Get Local” by writing about our home U.S. House district. Many of us have done that. Influencing our entire district can be difficult for those of us that live in districts that cover large land areas. CO-4, for example, covers most of Eastern Colorado and the farther northern part of the Colorado Front Range. This | Read More »

    No Taxation Without Information

    We all decry the amount of money spent by our government and complain about earmarks and other wasteful spending. How many of us are out there actually doing something about it? The Independence Institute of Colorado has been leading a been leading the way towards more spending transparency .