Colorado Definitely Not Blue Outside The Cities

    The Colorado 4th District now belongs to the Democrat Party for the first time in a long time. They should not unpack their boxes. Fort Collins is a College town. The core of the University is mainly liberal despite this being an “agricultural” college. It has a broad technical college that has a fairly strong base of liberal professors. From what I see, Obama was | Read More »

    State of the State: Colorado (CO-04)

    Betsey Markey won the election for this seat this year over incumbent Marilyn Musgrave. Musgrave was one of the most disliked Republican representatives in a solid Republican District. Many of the people I talked to wanted her out and didn’t care how it happened. She took over the seat in 2003 after Bob Schaffer (who lost to Mark Udall for the open U.S. Senate seat) | Read More »

    Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District

    Doug Lamborn (R) represents and won handily (like, 60-40) in 2006 (I am having trouble finding 2008 election numbers though I have found an article in the Denver Post that said that Lamborn had a tougher time in the primary than in the election) though not as handily as Hefley before him did (Hefley won with 70-30 numbers).

    Time To Get Local

    Promoted. Every state has a story, and we can use all the help we can get to tell those stories here at Red State. Here’s a fine example of how to do it, this time talking about Colorado. – Neil Stevens The past two years have been a long, tough political season. I’ve been through eight Presidential campaigns in my adult life, and I can’t remember | Read More »


    Birdmojo Breaks Down The Blue Book

    I got mailed a blue book with all of the Constitutional Amendments for the Colorado Ballot and I sat down with it yesterday and wrote up a cheatsheet, of sorts, for it so I can go in, vote, and get out with as little fuss as possible. I have since found out from here that a number of these have been removed from the ballot | Read More »

    Allen P. Stayman and the Radicalization of Democratic Campaigns

    Allen P. Stayman is a +$100,000 professional staff member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. But lately he has descended into the type of radicalized hackery that has become the hallmark of Democrat campaigns. He is engaging in ambush interviews of Bob Schaffer, the Republican Senatorial candidate in Colorado. The interviews are on YouTube. Keep in mind that Allen lists himself as a | Read More »

    Obama’s Coal Industry Gutting Initiative: the transcript.

    To follow up my earlier post about how Obama is lying to somebody about planning to gut the coal industry… Jake Tapper, who is on the short list of journalists who will be ending this election with their honor essentially intact, has gotten a response from the Obama campaign. It’s about what you’d expect: the statement’s wildly taken out of context, Barack Obama loves coal | Read More »

    Coal States: Vote McCain, or against your economic interests. Your call.

    Via Constant Reader Pentagon16 we see this video and Hot Air post about Obama, coal plants, and how the former will smother the creation of the latter if he ever gets the chance: If you’re working on GOTV for Colorado or Pennsylvania, by all means: pass that along to people. Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, too – just to be on the safe side.

    Working for McCain-Palin in Colorado

    My 17-year-old son and I spent three hours yesterday on the phones making calls to registered Republicans yesterday. My 15-year-old daughter, and 13-year-old son joined us to go door-to-door for another three hours, encouraging folks to get out and vote (if they had not already done so). The campaign office was crowded with people. Every phone was in use, and some people were waiting for | Read More »

    Any word on Colorado polls and/or early voting?

    Rich Lowry on the Corner is saying that McCain’s giving up on Colorado. I’m in Texas, but I’ve always viewed Colorado as a leans-right State, and something in me refuses to believe that Colorado is a definite loss at this point. Anybody have any info?

    [Vote for Doug Lamborn in CO-05]

    [Including the quite flattering, but also quite rude, tactic of sending people to come onto influential conservative websites and talk up said opponent. – Moe Lane] [You can donate to Lamborn here.]


    If you know friends and family here, tell them to vote early. I don’t know how to post a video here, but there is a report on a Fox station predicting Colorado to be the “Florida” of this election. Mine and my husband’s personal experience this week proves this to be true — there are problems. When I went to vote they told me my | Read More »

    This one’s for John

    John Elway was the master of the comeback in his playing days. He had an amazing 47 of them, accounting for about 1/3 of his total wins. The Broncos were never out of a game with #7 at quarterback. The Broncos are a way of life there, and after back to back Championships, John Elway is the most beloved person in all of Colorado. He | Read More »

    Liberals Against Free Speech

    When Sarah Palin spoke in Grand Junction, Colorado the other day, a group of protesters tried to block her motorcade. Here’s a pretty pathetic video they put up, hoping to catch an example of the police abusing them. That effort is utterly wasted, as the police handle themselves appropriately and with class throughout — including at the end, when the nearest police officer says ‘thank | Read More »

    Did you hear?

    John Zogby this morning has issued his daily tracking poll and it shows a 10 point Obama advantage nationwide. No way! If anyone had any doubt about the accuracy of the polls — the more I hear about a 10 or 11 or 12 point lead nationwide for The One, the more I discount all polls. (I am reminded that CBS News in the days | Read More »