Wil Armstrong for Congress (CO-6)

    The Republican primary race for U.S. House, District 6 from Colorado is to replace Tom Tancredo who is not running for re-election. There are four candidates running for this seat, two of which are Mike Coffman and Wil Armstrong. This seat is safely in Republican hands, so whoever wins the Primary will be going to Washington. Both Coffman and Armstrong are solid conservatives, which makes | Read More »

    Re-Elect Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4)

    Marilyn Musgrave is the incumbent congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives from Colorado’s 4th District. She is nearing completion of her third, two-year term in office, and during this time has been a consistent and reliable conservative while faithfully representing the people in Northern and Eastern Colorado. From her re-election web page: She has been a leader for agriculture, 2nd Amendment rights, lower | Read More »

    Ken Salazar: No OCS drilling, even when it’s $10/gallon for gas.

    I give up. I figured that six bucks a gallon was a nice, round number with which to beat the Democrats with about the head and shoulders. Which it would be. For rational people. But freaking ten? (Via Hot Air) What are you willing to bet that Senator Salazar hasn’t paid for his own gas in years? – because he certainly seems perfectly happy to | Read More »

    The Carbon Credit Scam and the Democratic Convention

    You’ve got to read this. The eastern Colorado wind turbine tapped for the Democratic National Convention’s carbon-offset program has one problem: It doesn’t generate any electricity. Convention organizers are now being questioned for their eagerness to market those credits to delegates.The DNC has contracted with Vermont-based NativeEnergy to offer delegates “Green challenge” carbon offsets to soften the environmental impact of convention travel. That money is | Read More »

    Bob Schaffer Gets Conservative Endorsement

    Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund is endorsing Bob Schaffer in Colorado. That’s great news. Schaffer is a good conservative. During his three terms in Congress from 1997-2002, Schaffer earned a 99 percent Lifetime Rating with the American Conservative Union. His average National Taxpayers’ Union ranking was 13th in the entire House, and he received the fourth highest score on two separate occasions. The Democrats thought | Read More »

    Now this is how it’s done.

    I saw this commercial on MSNBC tonight as I was watching Chris Matthews. Watch then we will discuss further why it is so brilliant and effective. I have included the text of the commercial below so we can parse it for all it’s greatness. I believe that this is such a great add for a few reasons.

    Did you like what Bob Schaffer did to Mark Udall?

    I’m talking about this (via Constant Reader NightTwister and [Allahpundit] (http://hotair.com/archives/2008/07/17/video-hey-remember-when-you-helped-get-us-into-iraq/) ): Well, if you did… he wouldn’t mind some help. The man has an uphill slog.

    And This Debate is OVER

    Former congressman and Colorado Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer had a debate with congressman and Democrat Senate candidate Mark Udall this past week. I was unable to attend, but there was quite a lively crowd. Mark Udall was blindsided by Bob Schaffer during the debate with his response to a question from the channel 9 News moderator. This is one that’s best seen, rather than | Read More »

    Binding Arbitration = Financial Collapse of Business Sector

    We are reminded here on the blog that there is one aspect of the lie that is the Employee Free Choice Act bill that isn’t much discussed. That is the binding arbitration feature of this business/economy killing legislation. Besides the card check aspect where a union can dispense with the ages old democratic system of the secret ballot when employees are voting as to whether | Read More »

    Former Rep Joel Hefley to endorse Jeff Crank.

    In the upcoming congressional primary for CO 5th CD, Rep. Joel Hefley(ret.) has endorsed Jeff Crank over the incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn. Crank was a former Administrative Director effectively running Rep. Hefley’s Washington Office. Rep. Hefley wrote an opinion piece in the Gazette on Friday detailing his relationship and endorsement of Jeff Crank. Below are some of the highlights: The eight years he spent in | Read More »

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