The Clinton Machine

    The Clinton Machine

    Ben Domenech, one of our illustrious founders, has a great piece at Commentary about the Clinton machine being alive. It is worth reading for a number of reasons, but most especially may be this. History may ultimately consider Obama’s 2008 nomination as a representation not of progressivism’s resurgent appeal, but as its death rattle—a speed bump along the way to the Democratic Party’s becoming a | Read More »

    A Call For Introspection

    I’m starting to think I’d feel much more at home in some other state, or state of being. Well maybe “starting” is the wrong word. So sick of politics and political games, good intentions being used as weapons against the people who hold them. Double-standards, hypocrisy on every level. Tiny things become scandals while large crimes go unnoticed or unreported. Where are the humans? Their | Read More »

    Why the Tea Party is More than a Fad

    The Tea Party is a definite wave of antipathy towards all things big government, and more specifically, corrupt incumbency. Nearly all the Washington pundits love to compare the Tea Party and the year of two thousand and ten to that of the Republican Revolution of 1994. I view this wave of antipathy a bit differently. Is the Tea Party and two thousand and ten really | Read More »

    Things I’m absolutely, positively sure about. Mostly.

    President Barry hasn’t found a campaign promise he isn’t willing to break. It will be a mistake if Republicans help Democrats “fix” their health care disaster. Bipartisanship is a losing proposition for Republicans.  In that football game, the Democrats are Lucy and the Republicans are Charlie Brown. Personal biases make any political event difficult to analyze on live TV.  Liberal commentators have the added handicap | Read More »

    Patrick Rufini Over At “The New Right” Makes The Case – Rush The NYT’s…

    I have to agree with Patrick Rufini here, it is time to engage the left on our terms… Let me first state that I don’t particularly care who writes for the New York Times op-ed page, and think all the handwringing about who will replace Bill Kristol is a collosal waste of time for conservatives. I long ago stopped reading the editorial pages, and rely | Read More »

    Left-Wing Fascism?

    Let me make the purpose of this post absolutely clear.  I do not attempt to directly associate Obama or the US Government with past or present fascist organizations.  I could have opted for “a worrying trend of fusion between media and politics.”  However, that would not quite do it justice and this this title gets more attention. On watching the coverage of today’s events in | Read More »