True School Choice is a beautiful thing

    Imagine with me, if you will, that you just bought a new home. You are so excited. The rooms are spacious, the neighborhood lovely, and the surrounding community is spectacular. The area is loaded with restaurants, museums, orchestras, and cultural opportunities galore. All to entertain and educate you and your children. You wander around your new dwelling staring at boxes and dreaming of the future. | Read More »

    More Common Core: Pay Attention, Democrats

    Common Core is an ongoing disaster foisted upon American schools and messing with our kids futures. As an Arkansas mom pointed out recently, we’re forcing our kids to bypass real, efficient problem-solving in favor of .. well, nonsense. There is a perception, at least in the fever-swamps of the internet that I lovingly call home, that this is an issue that naturally breaks down along | Read More »

    Obama Kicks “Redistribution” into High Gear

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― | Read More »

    Oklahoma GOP passes resolution against CCSS

    The political tide on Common Core is shifting.  Politicians who refuse to listen to the concerns of parents do so at their own peril. George Will noted the shift in his recent column, Opposition to the Common Core is surging because Washington, hoping to mollify opponents, is saying, in effect: “If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.” To which | Read More »

    Imperial President – a “Dictator”

    One week ago today, I received a handwritten letter from my primary care physician stating that due to the Obamacare law she could no long administer to many of her patients including myself. She apologized in the letter saying she was desperately hoping she could find a legal way to retain her patients. In all likelihood she and her husband (who is a physician also) | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Arne Duncan from Your Boss

    Written in response to Secretary of Education Duncan’s thoughts regarding mothers who oppose the Common Core. Dear Secretary of Education Duncan: Thank you for apologizing for insulting “white suburban moms.” However, your apology did not go far enough.  You failed to apologize for Common Core, an insult to our entire nation. Mr. Duncan, you may control the purse strings but WE (moms of every color | Read More »

    Po Pimps in 4th Grade

    Maybe you have seen this maybe you haven’t but here ladies and gentlemen is just another example of Common Core making sure that our children are ready for the world. I mean once they get through school they have to be able to survive and that’s where Common Core comes in. I mean how else can they explain teaching kids about a song called Po | Read More »

    You Didn’t Build These Ten Things – Barack Obama Did

    It’s not like he didn’t warn us that his goal was to fundamentally transform America – but most of us didn’t think that meant wrecking the economy, killing the golden goose, giving away the farm and generally screwing the pooch. But here we are and here are the top ten things Obama owns – despite him blaming everyone else – he built them: 10. Food | Read More »

    Open Letter to Dow CFO J. Donald Sheets on Common Core

    Dear Mr. Sheets, Thank you for publicly expressing your thoughts on the Common Core in your recent article, Common Core Standards are common sense. All parents, teachers, and business leaders want children to succeed. But I believe the Common Core is NOT the avenue to success that many promise. As a successful business leader, you know that before any decision a cost/benefit analysis should be | Read More »

    It’s Time for a Common Core Political Standard

    Back in 2009,  Secretary of Education Duncan told reporters that a fundamental change for the nation’s education system is on the way.  He said the following, “I want to be able to track every child throughout their educational trajectory, so we know what they are doing. Secondly, I want to track children back to teachers, so we know the impact the teachers are having on | Read More »

    Jindal’s Naive on Common Core

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech at a Redstate gathering on Friday where he addressed the Common Core.   He said, “We will resist any attempt … to impose a national curriculum,” But as the news story points out that “the Jindal administration has been supportive of the standards, with state Education Superintendent John White saying they will “put Louisiana’s children on an even playing | Read More »

    Race Card Pulled in Face of “Educational Genocide”

    Race Card Pulled in Face of "Educational Genocide"

    One of conservatives’ pet peeves so far as liberals go is their constant cry of “racism” anytime anything that threatens entrenched, liberal interests crops up. Usually, we see this in relation to proposals to reform entitlements, or require people to show ID or swear an affidavit before voting (both inherently raaaaacist!). But sometimes it crops up in other areas, too, because, well, it’s easier to | Read More »

    Harry Chapin and Common Core

    If you are asking who Harry Chapin is, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. And don’t you dare give me this “It was before my time” thing because so was George Washington, but I bet you know all about him, right? Chapin, a folk singer and (in my opinion) one of the best lyricists to grace us with his words, wrote many songs we | Read More »

    What will Seal the Deal against Common Core Standards in GA?

    On the Wednesday after Mother’s Day, Governor Nathan Deal (GA-R) seemed to offer mothers, caregivers, and parents of students a belated gift. Deal signed an executive orders statement on Georgia education and Common Core. The Governor appeared to affirm state and local BoE controls over Georgia school standards and curriculum. His May 15th executive order wording seemed a slap down of the notion that his | Read More »

    Reforming the Republic IV: Educate; Do Not Enstupidate[*]

    To make American Secondary Schools worth a monkey’s butt-wipe again, we are just going to have to leave some children behind. Right now, they are yet another precursor of the impending Big Government Chernobyl that could very well destroy American Society as we now enjoy living in it. Implementing a new Common Core of unenforceable and utterly ignored standards is not going to fix this difficulty. While the Obama Administration’s ideal of “fewer, higher and clearer” standards sounds like one of the smarter ideas that this man’s administration has come up with, it will not do the job because it addresses the wrong problem. It is not the content of the standards that is the biggest problem with our schools. The problem is that we lack the institutional courage to actually enforce any standards at all.

    What American Secondary Schools need to enact is what I’ll call the Tyler Durden reforms. This is based on the line from the novel Fight Club where Tyler Durden teaches his followers that they are not unique and beautiful snowflakes. If we continue to tell our children that they are special and immune from consequence, they will eventually become seduced into holding that ultimately self-defeating belief. This fatal conceit will lead these children to have an overweening sense of entitlement and a minimal skill-set of abilities that any logical employer would want to hire.

    Here’s what my proposed Tyler Durden Standards would look like.

    Read More »