Pull Down Your Dress, Your Partisanship is Showing

    In a way, these people are just so ham-handed as to be hilarious.  On the other hand, they are the people shaping the belief system of so many Americans.  The most recent job report has the Democratic Party-run media salivating and jumping for joy.  They are absolutely convinced the latest economic news is fantastic for The Party.  They are ready, willing, and able to bend | Read More »

    The Man Who Corrupted Washington

    In this age of “neoconservatism,” many Americans feel that the federal government has grown too large for our own good—that President Bush has breeched his “contract” with us, expanded the Washingtonian influence beyond its “concrete slab” borders, and has, on several occasions, acted like Big Brother in order to accomplish his evil bidding. I exaggerate, of course; but the majority of the country disapproves of | Read More »