Iranian Parliament Passes Law DEMANDING Compensation From The U.S.

    Iranian Parliament Passes Law DEMANDING Compensation From The U.S.

    Who would have thought that an Iran who was given everything they wanted by the U.S. government would demand more? Who could have guessed that a country that hates us would like nothing more than to continue poking and prodding us with policies and practices that are meant to provoke a reaction? The outgoing Iranian Parliament is demanding unspecified compensation from the United States for | Read More »

    What Was Promised and Who Promised It

    In light of the current teacher’s union strike in Chicago, it is clear that a wide gulf between funding and compensation exists. When pointing out the fact that the majority of federal and state public employees are overcompensated, the response is typically that “these amounts were promised”. But with most budgets now currently running severely in the red, addressing the compensation question is the key | Read More »

    Saudi royals getting sued for funding 9/11

    Quote: AllGov Lloyd’s Sues Members of Saudi Royal Family for Funding Al-Qaeda in 9/11 Attacks Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Prince Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Leaders of Saudi Arabia are being sued by Lloyd’s insurance for playing a key role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Lloyd’s has paid more than $215 million in claims filed by families of those killed in the attacks, and wants | Read More »

    Assigning Arbitrary Values

    One of the major differences between tea party people (as well as conservatives in general) vs. those who support gargantuan big government as practically the answer to every human problem is that while the former believe in letting the demand and market forces determine the value of a product or service, the latter believe in more arbitrary means.  Basically, the latter seem to want to | Read More »

    Pay Czar Feinberg Revokes the Constitution

    From the diaries by Erick. H/T to Michelle Malkin. Reuters is reporting that Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama Adminstrations “Pay Czar” will be reviewing compensation contracts for company officials and may “claw back” much of what has been or will be paid. Particularly concerning is this, from the second page of the article: Feinberg said the law requires him to take market forces into account, but | Read More »

    The Moratorium on Brains

    I become increasingly convinced that a socialist USA would have no better morals or ethics than the former USSR. There is no decency, inherent to us as a people, that would cause us to pass laws and enact policies similar to what was done in Russia, under the Bolsheviks, and get anything different than the Gulag Archipelago as a result. This new and creepy form | Read More »