My Primary Vote: Maryland Comptroller

    Comptroller is an important position that not enough people pay attention to. It’s the least understood of the three elected Statewide offices – but just as important as Attorney General and Governor. Our incumbent, Peter Franchot, is a politician by trade and occupation, using the Comptroller’s post as a podium to eventually run for Governor. His constant clashes with O’Malley are meant to show that | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: William H. Campbell (R-MD)

    William H. Campbell is the second Republican candidate to throw their hat in the ring for Comptroller of Maryland. Campbell is the former Chief Financial Officer of Amtrak serving from 2007 to 2009. Prior to that, he served as CFO for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Campbell’s experience in the private and public sector make him an interesting candidate for Comptroller. Campbell was willing | Read More »

    2010 Candidate Interview: Brendan Madigan

    There is currently one Republican announced for Comptroller in the State of Maryland, Brendan Madigan. Madigan currently is the only one willing to challenge Franchot for the least glamorous of the three elected State offices. Madigan was willing to give me his first formal interview as a candidate. Matthew Newman: What made you decide to run for Comptroller? Brendan Madigan: As a political activist, I | Read More »

    Suggestion to Draft – EJ Pipkin

    The position of Comptroller is one that the average citizen of any state will say they may not understand fully. The Comptroller is supposed to serve as the state’s accountant is in charge of collecting taxes, handles deliquent tax collection, enforces unclaimed property laws; in summary, the Comptroller is the State’s Cheif Financial Officer. In Maryland, the people are represented by former State Legislator Peter | Read More »

    Revenge of the Spitz

    In 2006, Eliot Spitzer was an unstoppable force in New York State politics. Brave, conservative footsoldier John Faso allowed himself to be steamrolled by the Attorney General on his path to the Governor’s Mansion. By 2008, Spitzer was out of office due to a prostitution scandal that shook the seemingly unshakable Governor. Now, in 2010, Eliot Spitzer is considering a run for one of only | Read More »

    Conservative Comptroller Candidate Suggestion

    With the 2009 special election now past, Doug Hoffman has lost. But, it is quite an accomplishment for an unknown CPA to go from polling at 16% to garnering 45% of the popular vote on a third party ballot line. This is a big accomplishment in and of itself. Hoffman is a hero to many conservatives who saw this as a fight that needed to | Read More »