Obama campaign site hacked.

    I would like to note for the record that there is not yet any indication that any kind of personal information, including credit card information, was stolen from the Obama for America (OfA) campaign website during the period when it was insecure.  Preliminary accounts indicate that the hack was limited to a redirect of mobile applications to a list of general ‘anti-government criticisms.’ Nonetheless, computer | Read More »

    Marine One’s information stolen – is yours at risk?

    If you haven’t heard already, there are reports that information on the VH-3D or the VH-60N helicopters operated by Marine Helicopter Squadron One have been found on the internet. The reason for the fuss is that these helicopters are more usually knows as Marine One when carrying the President of the United States, just as the Boeing VC-25 aircraft is known better as Air Force | Read More »