Prior to a review of what went wrong with the McCain campaign and prior to any lament over the drastic changes that an Obama administration will hoist on America, I offer my congratulations to Senator Obama. As someone who has been actively involved in politics for a long while, you learn to identify campaigns which have been masterfully run — most recently, Reagan’s 1980 campaign, | Read More »

    Look on the bright side.

    Hoorah! Let’s uncock our guns for a moment. We now have our new president-elect, and one small piece of possibly overlooked good news is that there is enough difference in each candidate’s tally so as not to drag this country through many punitive weeks of gut-wrenching by the barely-losing side. The biggest piece of good news is that Barack Obama has now officially removed the | Read More »

    A Watershed Moment

    There is no shortage of dispirted and angry Republicans this morning as a result of last night’s sweeping losses, but I want to ask them to put that aside for the moment and consider something remarkable and hopeful about Barack Obama’s victory. Last night was a truly profound event for African Americans in this country and around the world, the equal of anything that ever | Read More »