Obama delays the budget process yet again

    Obama delays the budget process yet again

    A new report from Congressional Quarterly suggests that ObamaCare isn’t the only item being delayed in the White House these days. Apparently the official White House budget proposal, which is required by law to be submitted to Congress no later than the first Monday of February, is on track to be “at least a month behind” schedule: From the CQ Morning Briefing: WHITE HOUSE BUDGET DELAYED: The | Read More »

    A Really Not-So-Special Special Election in Florida

    It seems that with every election these days, the media uses them as some means to divine the political direction of this country. For example, as predicted, the Christie gubernatorial victory coupled with the Cuccinelli loss in Virginia was seized upon by so-called political experts who pronounced that the way forward for the GOP was some formula developed in New Jersey that centered on moderation. | Read More »

    New York Post: State Department Whistleblower’s email is hacked

    I’m not exactly surprised by this, but I am rather troubled. WASHINGTON — The personal e-mail account of a State Department whis­tle­­blower was hacked, and four years worth of messages — some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency — were deleted, The Post has learned. The computer attack targeted the Gmail account of Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie, his lawyer, Cary Schulman, confirmed. | Read More »

    OFA Twitter-Spams Congress and other Republicans over Immigration Reform

    This morning I dropped by New Mexico’s Republican congressman Steve Pearce and noticed a phenomenon, scores of accounts had spammed Pearce with their pro-immigration message. Upon closer examination it appeared that many of these accounts were doing NOTHING but spamming congress members on a “list” and sending them graphics like the one below using the hashtags #ActOnReform #immigrationreform and others: How many accounts do you | Read More »

    Jim Matheson (D, Utah-04) cuts and runs.

    He just can’t take it anymore: It has been a tremendous privilege to serve the people of Utah during my time in the United States House of Representatives, but my time in the House should not be the sum total of my service. Today, I am announcing that I will not seek reelection to the House of Representatives. Better to go out on his own | Read More »

    Sequester We Hardly Knew Ye — Budget Deal Vote

    Sequester We Hardly Knew Ye By Congressman Tom McClintock The great irony of the Republican decision to bust the budget sequester is that barely two months ago, congressional roles were reversed.  The Democrats insisted on funding the government according to existing law.  The Republicans sought one simple change: that the individual insurance mandate under Obamacare be delayed for one year.  They were trying to spare | Read More »

    Immigration is the Tipping Point

    In the past several years, Congress has written some incredibly bad legislation – the Stimulus, PPACA and the Senate’s attempts at immigration reform are part of the highlight (lowlight?) reel of recent horrors from Congress. Now we hear that immigration reform might be in for another grand push from all sides. No less a political luminary than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame is calling it | Read More »

    Thinking Outside the Obamacare Box

      Every day we see the headlines and horror stories. Millions of health insurance policies canceled, with an exponential number more facing the ax next year. And besides the broken promises, we have a broken website that makes it nearly impossible for the long suffering uninsured, and the newly uninsured, to sign up. On top of what appears to be a combination of poor planning, | Read More »

    LA-05 and Engaging the Establishment

    On Saturday, there was an election in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District to replace Rodney Alexander, who retired earlier in the year and was immediately offered a job in the state government. Alexander, on most conservative scorecards, was the lowest-ranked Republican in the state’s delegation. This is largely due to the fact that Alexander was a Democrat-turned-Republican, a move he made at the last second before | Read More »

    It’s Accountability Season

    It’s accountability season; do you know how your elected officials have been voting? Every two years it rolls around – as sure as death and taxes – primary season. So how is your State Representative, State Senator, Congressman or U.S. Senator doing? Now is the time to do your homework, check the record, and decide if they have earned your vote. Homework is the key | Read More »

    ITIN de facto amnesty empowers Obama IRS to buy votes

    Outraged that illegal aliens claimed child-tax-credits, but no outrage that current tax law allows them to report income and pay taxes without threat of deportation? The power of a president to succumb to the temptation to use executive power for political purposes has always been available. That the current occupant of the Oval Office is so uniquely brazen in betraying the trust inherent in the | Read More »

    Charles Boustany – Flag Waiver

    I write this as being from LA originally I try to keep up with the goings on there. When one thinks about the type of Republican that should be coming from the State of Louisiana one thinks of the type of Senator that Ted Cruz is, or the type of Congressman Trey Gowdy is. Meaning they obviously have no interest in being someone’s friend or | Read More »

    The Debt Crisis

    The Debt Crisis October 14, 2013 House floor remarks by Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) Mr. Speaker: The debt limit exists for a simple reason: to assure that public debt isn’t recklessly piled up without Congress periodically acknowledging it and addressing the spending patterns that are causing it.  If a debt limit increase is supposed to be automatic, as the President suggests, there really is no | Read More »

    Dear Republicans: DRAG HIM DOWN

    For our Republican leaders. I would like to note that your approval rating is somewhere in the mid 20% range, meaning about half of your own party disapproves of how you are performing. I suggest that a large component of those in your own party disapproving of your performance are members disappointed with your lack of resolve. I would also like to take this opportunity | Read More »

    Thanks for nothing Paul Ryan

    In negotiations there is a saying “shoot for the stars and you might get the moon.” Basically ask for everything you could dream about and you might be able to end up with close to what you really wanted. Republicans in Congress have never learned this lesson. They shoot for their nuts and typically end up shooting their own feet. Meaning they start out asking | Read More »